10 Crowdfunding Sites for Artists

crowdfunding or crowd sourcing websites

Did you know that the video game called Star Citizen raised more than $40 million from crowdfunding? One part of the money was raised using Kickstarter and the other independently on their own website. Quite a few crowdfunded projects have raised more than a million dollars but there must be thousands of small projects being funded as I’m forever seeing campaigns pop up on my facebook feed and in my email inbox. Artists are in on the action too. We’re funding books, exhibitions, travel, and all kinds of other wacky things. Here’s a list of 10 crowdfunding websites (there now seems to be hundreds of them out there!).

They’re not in any particular order but the top few are generally more recognizable..

  1. crowdfunding site kick starterKickstarter
    One of the more popular crowdfunding sites is Kickstarter. A lot of the million dollar plus projects have been raised using Kickstarter. Marina Abramovic used Kickstarter to raise $661,452 for her institute and this vagina project was also funded. See their website here and browse the 13,056 current art projects listed.
  2. crowd funding site indiegogoIndiegogo
    Indiegogo is also quite popular and has a lot of artist projects being funded on it. The solar roadways project raised more than their $1 million dollar campaign goal. See the Indiegogo website here.
  3. Pozible
    crowd funding pozibleAn Australian crowdfunding website funding projects in a variety of currencies worldwide. They also have an arts category and have raised more than $20 million in funding. See the Pozible website here.
  4. Rockethub
    crowd funding site rockethubAnother big crowdfunding resource. Rockethub has a relationship with the A&E (arts & entertainment) television network where projects of interest are profiled on their channel. See the Rockethub website here.
  5. Go Fund Me
    crowd funding gofundmeThis crowdfunding website is more about funding personal needs. Like, hey, this is granddad, he has a cute face and wants to travel the world, send him cash, just because he’s cute and cuddly. It shows how generous most people are though as GoFundMe has raised more than $300 million dollars. See their website here.
  6. CrowdFunder.co.uk
    crowd funder ukUnited Kingdom based crowdfunding website. CrowdFunder has raised more than £1.5m for projects. See their website here.
  7. Pubslush
    pub slush crowd fundingThis crowdfunding site is for writers. So if you’re looking for funding to write a book you a) get an idea of reader interest and b) fund it while you’re writing it. I love it when power is taken away from gatekeepers! See the PubSlush website here.
  8. Sponsume
    sponsume crowdfundingAnother UK based crowdfunding website supporting creative and entrepreneurial projects. They allow you to keep the funds you raise even if you don’t reach your total goal (most crowdfunding websites have an all or nothing policy). See the Sponsume website here.
  9. PledgeMusic
    pledge music crowd fundAnother niche crowdfunding site, this one is for musicians. Again, I love to see the gatekeepers taken out! See the Pledge Music website here.
  10. StartNext
    start next funding germanyA German based crowd funding resource for European creative and entrepreneurial projects. Started in 2010 they have raised more than 10 million Euros. See the Startnext website here.

If you have used and had success with other crowdfunding websites let me know.. or just share them in the comments below. Also, if you’re wondering how the crowdfunding websites make money, they take a cut of the money you raise. Most are between 5 and 10%.

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Hi Dion!
    Great resource post for artists. Bravo for posting!

  2. Michael Chesley Johnson says:

    Successfully funded my painting project with kickstarter.com this spring. Choose a realistic financial goal and send it to all your supporters and you should be successful. The website link above is for following the progress on my project. I still have 22 small paintings 6″ by 6″ for sale so follow this if you are interested. They will be $100 framed and delivered within US or Canada.

  3. That’s great Michael! Nice collection of paintings too.
    Also, just to let you know, I couldn’t click on your link to your kickstarter project. It went to “http://www.michaelchesleyjohnson.com/html/kickstarter.com/projects/pleinairman/50-paintings-roosevelt-campobello-intl-park-50th-a”

    It might still work for you as it’s on your computer. Just add the http:// to the start of the link and it should work.

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