10 Famous Black Paintings

ten famous black paintings

In the name of balance and harmony it’s only right to do a list of ten famous black paintings today! Gallery owners will tell you that darker paintings are generally harder to move as a product but we artists seem to do as many black paintings as we do white paintings. With not much more than a color change we move from the purity and light of white to the somber, serious, and melancholy suggestions of black. Lets start with the most famous of all famous black paintings: Goya’s black paintings.

Here’s ten famous black paintings..

witches in goya paintingFrancisco Goya – From the black paintings series, Witches’ Sabbath. This is just a detail of the panel, see the full width of this Goya painting here.

Kazimir Malevich black squareKazimir Malevich – Black Suprematic Square

pierre soulages black paintingsPierre Soulages – View of black paintings currently showing at the Dominique Lévy gallery in New York City.

ad reinhardt black paintingAd Reinhardt – Abstract Painting No. 5

mark rothko black paintingMark Rothko – Black on Maroon

robert rauschenberg black paintingsRobert Rauschenberg – Black Painting

robert motherwell black paintingsRobert Motherwell – Iberia

cy twombly black paintingCy Twombly

brett whiteley black collageBrett Whiteley – Untitled

antoni tapies black paintingAntoni Tapies

So, there you have it: Ten famous black paintings. They’re much gloomier than the ten white paintings from yesterday, huh?

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