10 Famous White Paintings

white artworks by famous painters

I was just thinking about the painter of black, Pierre Soulages and then started thinking about white paintings. I do admire artists who latch on to one color, one topic, one style and run with it their entire career, but I also wonder why they would choose to do such a thing. Is it the money, the lack of imagination, fear of change, or an obsessive compulsive thing? I like chocolate but I wouldn’t like to eat chocolate and nothing else for the rest of my life. Anyway, I went looking for white paintings.

Here’s ten famous white paintings..

jasper johns white flag paintingJasper Johns – White Flag

robert ryman white paintingRobert Ryman – Hansa

sol lewitt white paintingSol LeWitt – W

barnett newman white paintingBarnett Newman – White

kazimir malevic white on whiteKazimir Malevich – Suprematist Composition: White on White

clyfford still white paintingClyfford Still – Untitled

josef albers white squareJosef Albers – Homage to the Square – Nacre

bridget riley whiteBridget Riley – Static 2

cy twombly white paintingCy Twombly

brice marden white paintingBrice Marden – Untitled

I could have kept going with the list of white paintings. A lot of artists have done at least a few white works. It’s hard not to be seduced by the purity of white. I’ll focus on some other colors in the coming few weeks.

Update: I did a list of Ten Famous Black Paintings.

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  1. Kelly Meadows says:

    Ghastly. What passes for ‘art’ is a joke.


  1. […] are generally harder to move as a product but we artists seem to do as many black paintings as we do white paintings. With not much more than a color change we move from the purity and light of white to the somber, […]

  2. […] winter and the lens of Tkachenko have teamed up to remember these areas and make them beautiful. White is my favorite […]


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