10 Funny Old Sexist Ads

misogynist vintage ads

I’ll try not to have too much fun with this post as my radical feminist friends don’t like me to have a sense of humor about anything relating to the fairer sex. So let me say now, before you go name calling and punching your little fists into the air or whatever it is you radicals do when you get all excited, I do not approve of these ads. I think they’re funny and educational.

I promise I’ll behave with my descriptions ;-)

wife spanking advertisementWhile I don’t condone the “manly art” of wife beating or any other beating for that matter, I do think spanking is fine. So I will be sending 15 cents in to receive my rollicking, provocative and educational booklet ;-)

girl spankingThings seem so much kinkier back then. When did spanking stop being cool anyway?

bowling advertisementAdvertisers always have our best interests at heart! They haven’t changed, they’ve just become better at screwing with our heads. Check out Martin Lindstrom’s book called Buyology to get some idea of what the filth are doing to us.

ketchup adI’m pretty sure she was just told to pretend that she’s giving a guy oral sex. I must also make a note to remind myself that it’s offensive to open bottles for women ;-)

vintage cigarette advertisingCigarette companies were and still are the most evil.

sexist adsThis one is not so much sexist, just sick. I hope the Love Cosmetics company no longer exists. On a related note, have you ever noticed how everything down the shampoo aisle looks like a penis? That’s no accident.

hard working wifeI wonder what was in those vitamins? I think I need some pep pills myself as I haven’t made my bed all week.

old vintage adsJust a little bit too rapey don’t you think?

vw advertisingHa! I love this one. “Women are soft and gentle, but they hit things.” lol so true Volkswagen, so true ;-)

old sexist advertisingI don’t know about a Hoover but I would be happy to receive a Dyson vacuum cleaner for christmas!

That’s ten of them! And remember ladies, I do not approve of these messages, I’m just the messenger, so don’t go getting all attacky on me :-P

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