10 Sketchy Police Sketches

wanted police sketches

Things are probably easier now with computer software but I couldn’t think of a more challenging job than a police sketch artist. Some of the ‘artists’ below should think about finding less challenging careers as this one doesn’t seem to be working out for them. Something not involving portrait sketches or anything at all to do with art would be more appropriate ;-)

Here’s ten sketchy police sketches.. funny, weird, scary, sad, and bad portraits..

funny police sketchBelieve or not, Bolivian police caught this murder suspect because of the sketch.

bad police sketchesThis knife attack suspect in Canada looks an awful lot like Eddie Munster.

funny police drawingsVallejo police department are looking for a man with eyes.. too easy!

funny police sketchTexas police are looking for a man involved in a knife attack. A man with no lips and no eyebrows should be easy to find!

really bad police drawingThis wanted suspect shouldn’t be too difficult to find with ears like that!

bizarre police sketchThis man with NO ears should be easy to find too, even if the hat and glasses cover the rest of him up.

man wanted sketchI’m guessing the $5000 reward for the arrest of this suspect was never collected.

wanted man sketchOregon police sketch artist goes out for coffee and donuts, doesn’t come back.. or there’s a man on the loose with no eyes, nose or mouth.

wanted gender benderPolice are either looking for a bald woman or a man with female eyes.

really bad police drawingsTeeth are always challenging to capture properly.. so are eyes, ears, and noses.

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