10 Year Old Mini Hirst

10 year old child painter

Ok, I have been posting too many child prodigy posts lately but somebody keeps showing me new precocious little artists and I really do think we grown ups could learn something from them. I promise this will be my last artist prodigy post for a while though. Kieron Williamson is 10 years old and has sold almost 1.5 million pounds worth of paintings!

The thing that is different with this child prodigy, apart from his prodigious selling abilities, is his subject matter. He actually has subject matter! Most child prodigies stick to abstract paintings but this artist out of the United Kingdom paints landscapes, pets, portraits and buildings. He struggles with portraits but he is just ten years old. It’s his landscapes that really kick ass.

He has been dubbed the “Mini Monet” but if you go to his website and check out how well it is set up to sell product you will see why I have called him the Mini Hirst. A recent sale of 23 paintings by the kid prodigy realized nearly 250 thousand pounds in 20 minutes of email and phone bids. And how many of you grown up artists have sold 1.5 million pounds worth of paintings?!! A few maybe, but most of the artists I know struggle to buy art supplies.

Hunworth, early spring

Pastel Holkham, Solitude

Watercolour Bait digger

Winter Light, Thurne

They’re nice, huh? Sure, it’s possible to go through them and find faults, but he is still a pre-teen boy! Did I mention that he has had 8 exhibitions and is struggling to keep up with the demand for his work online? He should think about hiring assistants ;-)

See more of the child prodigy Kieron Williamson’s work at his “official” website here.

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  1. Hi, Dion
    I think this kid is the only young artist worthy of the title “prodigy”. I’ve been following his work since he was 7 years old. It was mature then. At 10 he is really blossoming. Here’s my favourite out of his latest batch:
    Damien Hirst couldn’t paint anything this good if he tried, but why should he when art galleries and museums want to buy gimmicky crap?
    I hope Kieron won’t be influenced by all the comparisons being made about his work. Why compare him to another deadbeat like Picasso? He’s already far better, but no yet commanding Picasso prices at auction.
    P.S. Why are all the piccies on your main blog page blue?

  2. Hey Ian
    I agree, he’s very talented. Picasso was also a child prodigy.. did you see his earliest works? Me being a skeptic, I always suspected Picasso’s father did them though ;-)

    It will be interesting to see where he’s at in 5 or 10 years. I hope his parents are investing his earnings so he won’t be forced to keep painting a particular way to keep the buyers happy.

    And with the blue pictures on the front page, it was to make them look uniform and to be a tease, to click through to the post and see the full colour images. But I have already had a few people say they don’t like them so much. I might have to think about making them full colour.

  3. Frances says:

    Wow, those pieces are amazing and just by looking at them you would never guess that they were painted by a 10 year old. I hope the parents don’t push him to do all this but that he does it because he wants to.



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