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Friday, October 22, 2004
  Beheading in Iraq Video
Is this just another artist trying to shock or is it the shocking times we now live in?
Video of beheading in Iraq part of Nashville art exhibit
"A video showing the beheading of an American hostage in Iraq and a photograph of a man masturbating have divided students and challenged administrators at Watkins College of Art & Design."
BgArt News Blog Comments:
Death isn't art. Art is creating or recreating. In beheadings I dont see creation, I see confusion, sadness, hate.
One of the great things about Art, is that everyone is allowed to see it differently. Art makes humans from sheep. Art engages the cranial gears. Art is neither good nor bad,it exists and is judged. Judgements, on the other hand, can be good or bad.
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Armadillos are interesting animals. West of the Mississippi, they walked up from Mexico and spread. East of the Mississippi, seveal escaped from a lab in Florida where they were being used for leprosy research, since they are the only animals other than humans that can catch leprosey. Speaking of leprosy, the leprosariums (leper colonies) are where Castro isoloated aids victims, wiping ouit aids in Cuba. Maybe we coould learn from this. He tested everyone and isolated everyuone with this highly contageous, fatal disease. Maybe we could learn something.

Armadillos always have identical quadruplets. The cross ponds by walking across the bottom, although they can float if they want. The are excellent diggers. I know a chap who had a world class puting green built in his back yard. Armadillos dug it up. He built a fence. They dug under it. He put a wall eight feet into the groud. They dug under it. He then got a standard (big) dachshund. The dog chased them away but dug up the puttng green itself. Life is fair.

There is a prank in the South known as a dillo. What you do is catch a hoover hog(armadillo) and put it in someones pickup at a bar. The Hoover hog will will shread the seats to the springs. What a hoot!!! Artistry at it's best!!!
I find it shocking that anyone would think of beheadings as art. Your site is nicely done though.
Art is SUPPOSED to challenge. It is NOT safe and avoidant of controversy. It does NOT only depict the beautiful and doesn't always include the act of creation and may include acts such as appropriation, parody, and juxtaposition. The concept, statement, or content, and not just form contribute just as much to an artistic statement if not more. Art is supposed to move people, not just be a passively ornate item on a wall meant to entertain and to soothe and protect the perceived safety of our consciousnesses.
Art is definitely there to challenge and to question the status quo. It has a large political element to it and should not be silenced by any means. I do not, however, see how the beheading of a human being (or animal) is artistic in any sense. Harming others is not expressive in an artistic sense, although it can certainly evoke inspiration.
-First thought-
yes. Lets pay the person who cut a mans head off and maybe even hang the dead persons head in a gallery for all to see. We can have an opening where people come for the free wine and and they can meet this so called artist.
That sounds kind of stupid, don't you think? Don't be an artist, to be an "ARTIST". Remember what it means to be a good human being first, then an artist. Its good to make people think and to question things. But that doesn't mean you should lose all your values and morals to do so. And I am sorry, if you took a dump on the floor, I am not about to call it art. Its still called poop.
-Second thought-
If someone put a montage of clips or clippings from the past years of beheadings and other horrible things that are happening and they are trying to make a statement, then that is art. There is a fine line, but I think we should be able to see it. The tape itself is not art, but the horrible truth can be put into a piece to tell the story of today for tomorrow.
I guess it all depends on how it's presented and why. But we should never promote violence.
"Art is definitely there to challenge and to question the status quo"

Of course It can be that, but is not necesary for something to be call as Art to challenge or question the status quo. And that is the best and the worst thing of Art, that no one can tell the same definition for it.

(The act of some one being murder on live Not Art. Is cold blooded murder. For some one to even consider it, they sould go see a shrink asap.
Or release all the new budding artist out of jail who have murder people so they can continue creating art.
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