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Saturday, October 30, 2004
  Lucian Freud's Kate Moss Painting
lucian freuds kate moss paintingLucian Freud is arguably the greatest living painter of the human figure. His works command prices that reflect his respect in the art world and his painting of model Kate Moss will soon be up for auction.

Lucian Freud's Nude Portrait of Kate Moss Presented
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM.- Lucian Freud's nude portrait of pregnant supermodel Kate Moss in London. The almost life-size piece is to lead Christie's spring sales in the Post War and Contemporary art sale 09 February 2005 and is estimated to fetch GBP2,500,000 - 3,500,000. Named 'Naked Portrait 2002', the painting is very rare in Freud's oeuvre for being one of only a few portraits the artist has painted of a well-known or famous person.

More on Kate Moss and Freud
"It might seem incongruous for Kate Moss to end up in a Freud painting: His aesthetic, so redolent of the miserabilist, earnest, existentialist postwar period in which he came artistically of age, seems a far cry from the slick, trashy, ephemeral pop culture epitomized by the cult of celebrity models. But Mr.Freud is ever the slumming lord of high art, socializing with teenagers and all the while vying with the old masters."
BgArt News Blog Comments:
that is one ugly picture...poor use of colour, and light...look at those seems empty, as though it was generated on a computer...oh...where are the real artists....
It's easy to see why Freud rarely paunts well-known people--it exposes him as the talentless hack he really is. After all these years Freud's inability to grasp the basics of anatomy or composition still astound me. If this is a portrait of Moss, it's the one she keeps in her attic while her rick'n'roll lifestyle leaves her elfin beauty apparently untouched
freud does not paint to show beauty, he paints to sow truth as he sees it, and therefore he paints a natural beauty that grows organically from the centre of the peice
i dont know much about art but i think those comments are unfair and untrue, i like this portrait, i think Kate moss is absolutely amazing and stunning. Freud does paint as he sees, his use of colour is to show not how things should be but as they are he said, "i want the colour to be the colour of life, full saturated colours have an emotional significance that i want to avoid." I think he's done just that and i love this painting!!
I completely agree Nethariac. I think Lucian Freud is currently the greatest living painter around. Only those that have never picked up a paint brush could criticize the man. He is a master of paint, even on his bad days.
Ps.. a small cropped computer image of the Kate Moss painting by Freud does not do it justice. It needs to be seen in real life.
i like the use of color--i feel he was conveying what he saw, and was not trying to make it beautiful, but it still is. although the face does not resemble moss, the form and composition seem accurate. i like how her body remains soft even though the shadows and shapes that make up her figure are very geometric. i realize he was probably not attempting to put a lot of emphasis on the sheets, but they still bother me b/c they are poorly executed and have no shape or volume/depth..anything. he might as well have painted her floating without a background

ps. i am not a Freud hater. i just prefer his other works...most-likely bc i do not have an image in mind of what the subject should look like
I added a new post on the Lucian Freud / Kate Moss painting post here. I think man deserves more credit.
lucian freud its one of the truly painters of today. here you could find anothers paints of him:
I think the use of paint in incredible to create great tone and form. i love it.
how can you not appreciate Freuds work?
It seems when an artist says "my interpretation..." what they really mean is "I lack talent and an innovative drive."
i feel it rather nuisance to say anything here nevertheless i decided to play a little game: does art depend on craftmanship ALONE? does an artist answer questions? must he glorify design? must he limit himself to certainties or pretensions of being profound or must he submit himself to complexities of being simple and naive. as far as i am concerned T-SQUARES ARE FOR TECHNOCRATS. U LOOKIN FOR REAL ARTISTS? U CAN NEVER FIND ONE. UNLESS U ARE ONE.
To simply label Freud a "talentless hack" doesn't expose the artist in any way, but rather exposes the person who made this comment as one who knows very little about art. As for his apparent "inability" to correctly portray anatomy or compelling composition, it should be known to those who post blogs here that that is in fact Freud's intent. Conversely, if Freud's work followed a traditional art formula in any way, it would certainly lack the vitality which makes his work so great in the first place. Simply put, had Freud painted the way you wished him to, you would have never heard of him in the first place because he would paint like you do.
i like it, it's on of my favourites, the pose creates a sense of sexuality without being porno. i think it does what it's meant to- allow the artist to discover the work and create their own opinion and understanding
It's a good painting , well balaced , colourfull , true , it's not made tolook beautifull , but to create an effect.
Freud isn't an idiot. as goes for the composition it's ok.So , he left the feet out , why not? It's not a chocolate box painting , it's art.
i presume he left the feet out, because she does not really stand on them, i mean, she's not down to earth........
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