Bella Freud by Lucian Freud

A softer, more tender nude by Lucien Freud will go up for auction at Christie’s and is estimated to reach £2.2m. Rather than being the harsh and brutally honest nude depiction that he normally does of his sitters, this one of his daughter Bella Freud when she was 20 is more compassionate, perhaps influenced by the father-daughter relationship.
Freud by Freud comes under the hammer
“The pose may be relaxed, but the face is not: the woman seems about to speak, to protest perhaps that she would rather be the daughter of an astronaut or a binman than of an artist noted both for pitilessly frank nude portraits, and for taking unfeasibly long to complete them.” the guardian

Alberto Sughi Artist Interview

italian artist interviewThe Italian painter Alberto Sughi has a new interview published on his website. It was first published in a publication on the artist by the Italian bank, Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena.
“There are, obviously, biographical references. But I prefer to regard my paintings as having a life of their own, which is not always connected with my own personal history. One day, when exhibited, other people will be viewing my works. They will translate the images captured by the artist into thoughts, according to their own intuitions and cultural background. Then, perhaps, my paintings will become the “mirror” of those observing them. But “mirror” is an unforgiving word, and I prefer not to use it myself.”
Read the rest of the interview at Alberto’s website.

Spencer Tunick Nudes in Belgium

Nearly 2000 people put on their birthday suits in near freezing weather recently in Bruges, Belgium for the photographer Spencer Tunick. An estimated 1950 people braved the cold for the sake of art and spread themselves over the ancient cobblestones of the Belgian city, all completely naked. One participant said “It was a good feeling, everybody went naked and there was this sense of togetherness. There was no shame.”Continue Reading