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I sometimes look through the BgArt News Blog website statistics to see what words people are using to find the site. Some search terms make sense, like “art news” or “art blog”, etc. But some search terms that people use to land at this art blog make me scratch my head. Some disturb me that people would even search for such a term, and some make me wonder how buygazette could even rank for the words.
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Da Vinci Code Court Case

The author of the super-popular best-selling book the Da Vinci Code is in court today. Dan Brown‘s book publisher (Random House) is being sued for copyright breaches.
Authors of the 1982 book “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail” claim that Dan Brown stole their themes and ideas rather any specific text.
I wonder if the Holy Blood, Holy Grail authors would be defending their artistic integrity in court if the Da Vinci Code book hadn’t sold more than 40 million copies worldwide? The history of art is one of appropriation and building on the ideas of those before us.
‘Da Vinci Code’ Court Case Opens in London
“Both books hinge on the theory that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and they had a child, and that blood line survives to this day. The earlier book set out the notion that Christ did not die on the cross but lived later in France.” ABC
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David Hockney Interview

david hockney exhibitionMark Feeney of the Boston Globe newspaper spoke to the British artist David Hockney about life and his exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), “David Hockney Portraits“.
Here’s a couple interesting David Hockney quotes I plucked out of the interview..
# All art is contemporary, if it’s alive, and if it’s not alive, what’s the point of it?
David Hockney
# One of the things I’m doing in Yorkshire is finding out how difficult it is to learn not to see like cameras, which has had such an effect on us. The camera sees everything at once. We don’t. There’s a hierarchy. Why do I pick out that thing as opposed to that thing or that thing?
David Hockney
# Any artist will tell you he’s really only interested in the stuff he’s doing now. He will, always. It’s true, and it should be like that.
David Hockney

David Hockney keeps seeking new avenues of exploration
“He may well be the world’s most famous living artist — who’s the competition: Andrew Wyeth? Robert Rauschenberg? — but there’s no crust to Hockney, no great-man airs. He combines California informality with north-of-England bluffness. He still has his Yorkshire accent, a furry, rolling thing rich with elongated o’s and pursed u’s. The sound of it makes him seem that much less forbidding.” Boston Globe
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BgArt News Blog Questions

I was asked some questions about recently. It was for an art magazine, but their email was sent to my Yahoo mail, which I rarely check. So I’m probably too late to be mentioned in their story, but questions are good to work out why you do what you do. So, here they are..Continue Reading

Andy Warhol Dollar Signs

Andy Warhol would be loving the recent art auction action around his art. He seemed to enjoy making money as much as he enjoyed making art, so to see his dollar sign works going for double and quadruple their auction estimates would give the man great pleasure.
Rather than one of his “Dollar Sign” selling for an estimated $1.1 million, it sold for $4.5 million.Continue Reading

Magritte Book Art

surrealist magritteHere’s an interesting online exhibition of book covers that have been influenced by the famous Belgian surrealist artist Magritte.
René Magritte didn’t design them, they are just very influenced by the artist. It’s an example of how much reach one artist can have. Although many people probably couldn’t even point to the artist’s country of origin on a map, his work or derivatives of it pervade our culture.
“I take care to paint only images that evoke the world’s mystery. In order to be able to do so, I have to be very wide awake.” Rene Magritte Quote
Browse through the rest of the images here.
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Country Energy Art Prize

Country and coastal artists in New South Wales, Australia are asked to submit their works to the annual Country Energy landscape painting contest. With prize money of $35,000 it hopes to support and encourage artists that are based outside of the big cities.
Country Energy Art Prize for Landscape will be held at the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery. The panel of judges include the artists Tim Storrier, Helen Eager, and Euan Macleod.
See the finalists for 2005 or more details for entry here.
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South Park Bloody Mary Episode

Seems like everyone is either boycotting or protesting about something or other lately. Now that the Muslim cartoon depictions of the Prophet Mohammed fiasco has settled a little, Catholic church leaders in New Zealand have decided to boycott a broadcaster for planning to air an “ugly and tasteless” episode of the South Park cartoon.
The Bloody Mary episode of South Park shows a statue of the Virgin Mary spurting blood.
Catholics urge South Park boycott
“New Zealand’s Catholic bishops signed a letter on Sunday urging the country’s 500,000 Catholics to boycott C4 and its sister station TV3, which recently apologized for showing the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.
They asked for the ban to extend to companies that advertise their products on the commercial network.”
The letter went on to say “Making known the extent of our offence might give them pause to consider that press freedom is not a license to incite intolerance or to promote hated or derision based on religion, race or gender“. BBC
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Jackson Pollock Paintings Found

The 32 Jackson Pollock paintings that were found in a storage unit have been labeled possible fakes or imitations of the artist recently. The Pollock-Krasner Foundation got Professor Richard Taylor of the Department of Physics at the University of Oregon to examine 6 of the works using “fractal analysis” to determine whether or not the found paintings are by the hand of Pollock.Continue Reading

Lucian Freud +Kate Moss

Earlier I posted about Lucian Freud’s Kate Moss painting, and the image used (shown on the left) probably wasn’t very flattering, or maybe people just genuinely don’t like Freud. I was just under the impression that everyone loved Freud, and that there was nothing to criticize about the man’s work.
But some of the comments were a bit harsh, so I’ve gone for a browse around the web to see if I can find some images that might do the work a little more justice (and perhaps show that Lucian Freud isn’t a “hack”). Or at least show that the Internet is not the place to be an art critic.Continue Reading