Shakespeare Book to be Auctioned

A very rare William Shakespeare folio of plays will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s in July. It is expected to make more than $6 million or £3.5 pounds. The book was printed in 1623, not long after the death of Shakespeare and is still in its original binding.
Sotheby’s says it is the “most important book in English literature”, but it is not the only one around. There is an estimated 40 full copies still in existence today.
For sale: book that stopped Shakespeare’s labors from being lost
“There are copies of Shakespeare folios in libraries and institutions around the world. But copies in their original binding hardly ever go up for sale, and there is only one recorded as remaining in private hands. It was sold by Oxford’s Oriel College to the late Sir Paul Getty.
Sotheby’s said the most recent comparable copy of the first folio to be sold fetched $5.6 million (£4.7 million at current rates) at Christie’s in New York in 2001.” Scotsman
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Buying Art for Money or Love?

Charles Dupplin works for the London based insurer Hiscox, and has wrote a few tips on collecting art. Hiscox also has its own collection of contemporary art here.
Dupplin’s 3 tips for investing in art include..

  • Buy only what you like – Makes sense to me.
  • Insure your collection properly – Of course he would say that, he works at an insurance company that insures art. But seriously, if your art collection is of a decent value it would be stupid not to.
  • Don’t be a magpie – He means don’t hang on to something if you don’t like it. Let it go, keep your art collection fluid.

He also mentions that a work does not have to cost a lot to be enjoyable art..
“Finally, it’s worth noting that the first piece of art that I ever bought cost me £22. Once infected with the bug, I continued to buy more and more expensive pieces, but the £22 piece of art hangs above my desk at home in London. I have never lost the enjoyment that I get from it.” Read the full article at ArtInfo
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Britney Spears Naked Sculpture

A nude sculpture of the pop star Britney Spears clutching a dead bear rug has been creating a bit of a stir recently. The work by Daniel Edwards, titled “Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston” shows Spears naked, pregnant, and sensually bent over on her knees.
The artist said this about the pose.. “The image from behind of the kneeling pose is very strong so I felt the front of the sculpture needed an equally powerful image which is where the bearskin comes in.”Continue Reading

Thomas Kinkade Trial

The Painter of Light’s court case has been making a little progress. Here’s a previous post on Thomas Kinkade and his “ritual territory marking“.
Dark clouds gather over ‘Painter of Light’
“A court-appointed arbitration panel has ruled in favor of two former owners of Kinkade-branded galleries, ordering his company to pay them $860,000 (£500,000) for breaching “the covenant of good faith and dealing” and failing to disclose pertinent business information.Continue Reading

Pro Hart Dies at 77

The Australian artist Pro Hart passed away today at the age of 77. Although Hart is a household name in Australia, he was never really accepted in the art world, with very few art museums or important art collections having his work on the walls. The artist became famous throughout Australia after a carpet cleaning television advertisement where he created works of art on the carpet with food.
He was born Kevin Charles Hart on the 30th of May, 1928 in the mining town Broken Hill. Hart was a self taught artist that often painted outback scenes, landscapes, and floral works.
Pro Hart had been unable to paint for the past 6 months after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease. Hart died on the 28th of March, 2006.
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Post Secret Blog

post secret blog
The man behind the Post Secret website, Frank Warren talked to USA Today about the success of his blog. It says he has had nearly 30,000 postcard secrets sent to him in the post, with hundreds of new ones being sent each week.
I’ve mentioned the Post Secret blog before, but it is worth mentioning again.Continue Reading

Photoshop Art Fakes

van gogh and star bucks
Over at there’s a competition to make famous works of art look fake. The idea is to use Photoshop to manipulate paintings from any period by changing or adding details to the work.
So there’s a lot that are quite obviously changed, but there are others that are more subtle. The work above is obviously Van Gogh’s Cafe Terrace at Night with a Starbuck’s coffee sign out the front. But it took me a minute or two to work out what was changed on the painting below.
photoshop fake
Of course I felt stupid after I saw the change! I was looking for a new product on the table I think. See Vermeer’s real Milkmaid.
See all entries in the Photoshop competition.
#Note.. Adobe Photoshop is a computer graphics editor that is used by many graphic designers and digital artists. It’s great for manipulating and creating images on the computer. It’s quite expensive, but I think Adobe also has a cheaper version of it.
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Antoni Tapies at Waddington Galleries

The Spanish artist Antoni Tàpies has an exhibition on at the Waddington Galleries in London until the 22nd of April.
The Telegraph asked Tapies a few questions and talked about the exhibition. Here’s a couple quotes from the man..

  • I am totally convinced that I am doing useful work for society. If I did not think that, I would have given up long ago.
    Antoni Tapies
  • Sometimes people have the idea that art should be highly refined. But I always believed that one could make art out of simple, humble things. Small things can be transcendental. They can change our way of looking at the world. I think it’s important to make art out of almost anything.
    Antoni Tapies

Read the full Telegraph story or view selected works from the exhibition the Waddington Galleries website.
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Archibald Prize Winner 2006

2006 archibald prize winnerThe winner of the Archibald Prize for 2006 was announced today at the Art Gallery of NSW, Australia. Marcus Wills has won it with his unusual “The Paul Juraszek monolith (after Marcus Gheeraerts)” painting.
The portrait is of the Melbourne sculptor Paul Juraszek and the style is inspired by a Flemish painter and illustrator, Marcus Gheeraerts the elder.
The Archibald prize is probably Australia’s most famous art contest. It has been going for 85 years and usually attracts a lot of visitors and media attention. It has also created the odd controversy or two over the years, which I’m sure also helps with media attention and visitors.
(see more details about the prize at the Archibald website)
2006 Archibald Prize winner
Juraszek appears in the painting 29 times and in most cases the sculptures featured are his. The original etching is an allegory about the reformation. At the bottom of the painting there are iconoclasts smashing up relics, bones and bibles and tossing them into a pit. Behind are clerics and, one assumes, their congregation collecting the relics and taking them away. All over the head, little religious ceremonies are taking place with monkeys involved in several of them – Gheeraerts’ dig at Catholicism one imagines. In Wills’ version it is Juraszek’s sculptures that are being smashed and then rescued by others. “In most of the little scenes the people are doing similar things to those in the original painting though I don’t see my version as a religious comment,” says Wills. Instead he sees it as “a kind of an allegory about the artist.” The Archibald Prize
See a list of the finalists this year too. My three picks would be Jun Chen, Geoffrey Dyer, and Craig Ruddy. The 2005 Archibald Prize winner was John Olsen.
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Australian Blogs Directory is a new weblog directory for Australian bloggers. There’s more Australians blogging than I thought actually. It’s free to add your blog too.
Here’s some other blogs I’ve found interesting lately (not particularly Australian or art related.)

  • All Kinds of Stuff – The Ren and Stimpy cartoonist John Kricfalusi has a lot of interesting posts up.. even if you’re not a cartoonist.
  • BoingBoing – Everyone probably knows about this site, but it’s a good way to waste time learning about interesting useless stuff.
  • Pro Blogger – Darren Rowse is an Australian blogger that talks about blogging and how to make an income from it. I probably should listen to more of his advice!
  • Art Biz Blog – I only just recently discovered this art blog, but it looks really interesting. It discusses art and business.
  • Articulate – Arts and culture blog from the ABC in Australia.

There’s lots more out there too. Feel free to share any of your favorite blogs (or your own blog) in the comments.
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