5 Things I Hate about Pinterest

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So, the last post I made about Pinterest was Pinterest and I on our honeymoon. Everything was perfect, we never argued and we thought we would live on the beach sipping cocktails for the rest of our lives. Well, a thousand or so pins later and now I see that Pinterest isn’t perfect. She’s still better than any of the social media alternatives and I still love her, but here’s a few things that bother me..

These things relate to Pinterest and Art mostly, so they shouldn’t be an issue if you only use Pinterest to find recipes or share your holiday pictures.

  • Mislabeled Pictures – This can include a Matisse being called a Picasso, a student’s copy of a Matisse being labelled as a Matisse, and most annoying of all are those Chinese oil painting reproduction companies posting pictures as the original. I have only come across the latter a few times though, so it’s not a major problem.
  • Small Pictures – Why bother pinning something you can barely see? I know I probably should get glasses but seriously, if the picture is not much more than a thumbnail, don’t post it. Same with blurry or pixellated images.
  • Photoshopped Images – I know there will always be variations with digital images, just as there always has been with printed images, but some people should just stay away from Photoshop. They’ll pop a Rembrandt in Photoshop, intensify the colors, play around with the brightness and contrast and suddenly the Rembrandt self portrait painting looks like an Andy Warhol print.
  • Cropped Pictures – Some are very obvious crops, especially if you know the painting, but many are just random, silly crops which are hard to notice unless you know the image very well. If you’re going to crop a painting, call it a detail! Tell people you have cropped a few trees from the Cezanne or you have turned a Francis Bacon triptych into a single panel work.
  • Copyright Blight – I can understand artists having an issue with their work being stolen and used without permission online. They usually put a smallish copyright notice which doesn’t detract too much from their work and I’m fine with that (even though I would prefer they didn’t). But if the copyright notice is repeated several times and detracts from the image, just don’t post it online. Same with famous paintings, you probably don’t own the copyright for the work and stop posting your website url all over them.

It would also be nice to have paintings labelled with artist, title and year, but that would probably be asking too much. I’m not even going to suggest adding size, medium, and location to works ;-)

I shouldn’t complain too much though as I have really enjoyed using Pinterest this past few weeks. I have discovered so many new works by famous artists and so many new artists that I have never heard of before. Most pictures shared (pinned) are big, clear, and the artist is correctly noted.. and that’s all that really matters to me.

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  1. Hi, Dion

    I agree with your niggles about Pinterest. Two things I would add.

    1) It doesn’t support Internet Explorer 8. I hate these websites that ignore older browsers and do Microsoft’s job of persuading you to update.

    2) You can’t download a Pinterest picture until you have a Pinterest account. I had to open a Pinterest account to download a picture I could find nowhere else on the web.

    One plus I would add. Pinterest can save from obscurity pictures that would otherwise be lost. I found one of my own graphics on Pinterest. It was the only copy I chanced upon on the web. I’d forgotten all about it.

  2. Laura Radford says:

    Another annoying thing with pinterest is not being able to keep up. I just get so overwhelmed with the volume of content out there, I really want to see it all but just get sidetracked so easily. And there’s only going to be more lovely pinterest posts to see as time goes on. Endless tunnel of content!


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