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BgArt News Blog is updated most days. New stories, reviews, guides, articles and more are found online and shared each day. The posts are International art related stories with a focus on the visual arts, but sometimes moving into other areas if a story of interest comes up.

BgArt News Blog is not a comprehensive art news site trying to cover every piece of news or exhibition review released each day from every area of arts. Only one or two posts are added each day.

Who am I? Well, I'm an Australian Painter, but I don't intend to just add art news that is Australian (very few are added actually) or just news about painters that I like, but to cover a wide variety of different views from countries worldwide. Most news I do add seems to come from the UK, USA and Australia though, partly because art is a big part of these countries (meaning more art news everyday) and partly because they're all English speaking. I do look for news in other countries too.

Submitting News? Feel free to send in any art news of interest that you think other BgArt News Blog readers would like to read. But no exhibition announcements or other types of self promotion, unless you think an artist in Antarctica would also find the news interesting. An example of an interesting exhibition announcement would be "Discount for Buying Art Nude".

See a post with some more questions answered about BgArt News Blog here.

Contact? Replace (at) with the @ symbol. Sorry to make you type the email in, but it's a way cutting back on the amount of spam I receive.
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