Aerial Photographs of Beijing by Trey Ratcliff

the forbidden city from a DJI Quadcopter

I have been browsing the web for quadcopters and the aerial photography that can be taken with them and came across the story of Trey Ratcliff in Beijing. He was using his ‘New DJI Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H3-3d 3-axis Gimbal and Gopro Hero 3+ Black Edition‘ quadcopter to photograph the Forbidden City in China and was detained by Chinese authorities. They released him and confiscated his equipment but luckily for us he had already been filming Beijing for 5 days. Here’s some of what the photographer captured..

I think the Chinese authorities should have confiscated his photographs and used them for their tourism shots. Your freedom for your photographs ;-)

trey ratcliff photographsThis is a great photograph. It’s of the Northeast Tower in Beijing, China.

china aeiral photoAnother great aerial photograph of China from a quadcopter.

china from aboveChinese traffic and CBD park from above by Trey Ratcliff.

The photographer put together this video below of his work done in Beijing. You’ll see his quadcopter in a few of the shots.. I really really want one! I’ll remember not to take it with me to China if I ever go though!

Read the whole Beijing adventure and see more photographs of China by Trey Ratcliff at his Stuck in Customs website here. He takes some amazing photographs of the world!

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