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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
  Vincent van Gogh's Birthday
vincent van goghs birthdayIt is the Dutchman's birthday today and Google is celebrating it with a Van Gogh-ish Google logo on their homepage.
I like how they change things up a bit to celebrate different holidays and important events. Go to the Google holiday logos page to see more. They also done Michelangelo, Picasso, and Warhol.
When you click on the logo it searches for "Vincent van Gogh" and I noticed the website isn't working. It's a great site and comes up first in the Google results. It probably isn't working due to the MASSIVE increase in searches for the Dutch master today.
Vincent Willem van Gogh was born on the 30th of March, 1853 in the Netherlands. He died on the 29th of July 1890 in Auvers, France.
Thursday, March 24, 2005
  Cartoonist Faces Prison for Blasphemy
jesus cartoonist blasphemyAustrian cartoonist Gerhard Haderer may be facing prison time in Greece for blasphemy!. Haderer was not even aware that his satirical book was even published in Greece, but has received a summons to appear in an Athens court.
Haderer's book of satirical religious illustrations called "The Life of Jesus" is now banned in Greece. He depicts Christ in comical situations, like having a drink with Jimi Hendrix and riding a surf board while stoned and naked.
I wonder if Greece still burns witches?
Cartoonist faces Greek jail for blasphemy
"It is unbelievable that a person can write a book in his home country and be condemned and threatened with imprisonment by another," said Nikki Conrad, a human rights expert who organized yesterday's press conference. "But he is not going to just sit back and accept this injustice. He is prepared to take this to the European court of human rights. When Gerhard first got the summons he thought it was a joke. But now he is starting to get a bit nervous."
Monday, March 21, 2005
  Rich Art Collectors
Modern day Medicis or top billionaire art collectors according to the Forbes Business magazine. After first being completely annoyed by all the talking, moving, popping and flashing advertisements on the Forbes website, I came across the list..
Paul Allen of Microsoft is snapping up Cezannes, Manets, Gauguins and impressionists in general.
Eli Broad of SunAmerica is a long time collector of modern and contemporary art.
Steven Covey of the SAC Capital hedge fund collects "trophy" names. He started with Monet and Manet 5 years ago and now goes for Hirst and Pollock.
David Geffen of Geffen Records collects big name contemporary and moderns, like Jasper Johns and Pollock.
Henry Kravis donated $10 million to New York's Metropolitan Museum and got his name on a wing of the Museum. He has the likes of Renoir hanging on his walls.
Leonard Lauder and his cosmetics empire like cubism and Cezanne.
Samuel Irving Newhouse of Conde Nast likes Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol and other modern/contemporary works.
Francois Pinault bought Christie's in 1999 so he probably has a bit of everything in his collection.
Kenneth Thomson is Canada's richest man, which helps when you collect old masters.
Steve Wynn and his Las Vegas casinos likes anything expensive, especially the "Boy with a Pipe" painting by Picasso that he recently bought for $US105 million.
The editor probably just missed out on being included in the list (purchased 2 fine art posters recently).
Thursday, March 17, 2005
  Stolen Masterpieces Reward
vermeer stolen paintingThere seems to be a lot of art theft talk around lately. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston currently has a $5 million reward up for the return of several important works stolen way back in 1990. They include paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Manet and Degas. See the stolen paintings here.
Art Thieves dressed as Boston police entered the museum and walked out with $300 million worth of paintings.
Anne Hawley, the director of the museum had this to say.. "These rare and important treasures of art need to be returned to the Gardner Museum so that they can be enjoyed again by the public. While people often talk about the monetary value of art, the value of these objects goes far beyond dollars and cents. These masterpieces have the power to inspire thinking and creativity, two processes essential to a civil society."
Friday, March 11, 2005
  Blood Art
Art made of blood has been taken off Ebay. The online auctioning mega-portal does not accept the sale of human body parts, and classifies the works in this category. The works were inspired by the 9/11 events with the gallery co-director of the artist having this to say.. "The blood, mixed together and applied directly to the artworks as pigment, symbolizes ... victims, violators and voyeurs observed by the impartial artist, traumatized by passionate religious/political extremist acts of violence since 9/11. We knew this was a contentious subject and the use ... of human blood would be highly controversial, to say the least." the star
Artists feel a need to be controversial as they know it works for publicity! How many thousands of pretty landscape painters go unrecognized and unappreciated each year while someone that shits in a can or cuts a dead sheep in half and places it in glass gets all the attention from the media?
That's not to say that pretty landscape painters do it for me, but damn, art gets such a bad wrap because the only time prime time media picks it up is when something bizarre or out of the ordinary is happening.
Tuesday, March 08, 2005
  Stolen Munch Paintings
There's either a lot of art thieves in Norway or it's just very cool to have an original Edvard Munch hanging in the living room. Two lithographs and a small watercolor by the Norwegian artist were recently stolen from a luxury hotel but have been recovered after a police raid in Oslo.
Eight men and a woman were in police custody. There has been no connection found to the recent theft of Munch's iconic Scream painting.
Wednesday, March 02, 2005
  Art for the Blind
How does one create art for the blind and partially sighted? The exhibition (Sense and Sensuality) brings together a collection of both sighted and non-sighted artists (is their such a term as non-sighted?) to show works that appeal to all five senses.
I remember one of my first trips to an art museum where I just naturally went up to a textural painting and was running my hands all over it. Not realizing this was a no-no in a gallery and the work was probably worth more than a house. But there shouldn't be a problem with this exhibition as most can be touched.
First 'blind' art exhibition opens
"Most of the pieces can be touched, all are audio described, labels are in large print and Braille, and British Sign Language guided tours will be available.
The works are hung at low level so that they can be explored through touch, plinths have been designed with wheelchair users in mind and the gallery floor will have colour contrast and texture to help orientate visually impaired visitors."
bbc news
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