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  • Politics and Art - George Bush - An exhibition of contemporary art prints at the New York Public Library has created a mild stir. The NY Times has reported that a number of library patrons have protested because of a series of 8 digital prints in the "Multiple Interpretations" exhibition called "Line Up."
  • Blocks of Poop by Santiago Sierra - The Spanish / Mexican artist Santiago Sierra has managed to create another piece of tasty bait for the media, with his exhibition of human excrement at London's Lisson Gallery. The 21 blocks of shit each measure 215 x 75 x 20cm and was collected by "scavengers" in New Delhi and Jaipur, India.
  • Doris Salcedo's Shibboleth Video (Tate Crack) - Anonymous left a comment on the Doris's Crack post, with a link to a video response of the exhibition at the Tate. But he/she must have did something wrong as the link was to So, I did a search myself and come up with some interesting videos on YouTube.
  • Tate's Crack - People are Stupid! - Either people are on crack while visiting Doris's crack at the Tate Modern in London or they are just downright stupid. How could 15 people hurt themselves in the first four weeks of the "Shibboleth" installation by Colombian artist Doris Salcedo?
  • Sex as Art or Just Porn - There's an exhibition on at the Barbican Centre of arts in London that explores the subject of Sex. "Seduced: Art and Sex from Antiquity to Now" shows the porn art of Jeff Koons, Pablo Picasso, Nobuyoshi Araki, Francis Bacon, Robert Mapplethorpe, Rembrandt van Rijn, Andy Warhol and more.
  • Comments on Doris's Crack - In a recent post on Doris's Crack at the Tate Modern, I said that artists can sometimes ramble on a little too much. And that is fine if you feel like reading an essay, but it shouldn't be necessary to understand the work.
  • Crack at the Tate Modern - Doris's Crack - The crack in the floor at the Tate Modern has swallowed its first victims.
  • 10th International Istanbul Biennial in Turkey - Turkey continues to establish itself as an art friendly place with the Tenth Istanbul Biennial opening this weekend.
  • Emily Patrick Exhibition - The English artist Emily Patrick has some impressive paintings online here. They're impressive in an understated way. The paintings are mostly small, color is used conservatively, and the subjects include things like clumps of grass, eggs, and tree leaves.
  • The Art of Invention : Atomic Art! - There's an exhibition at the United States Patent and Trademark Office Museum (USPTO) which may require you to take your glasses along with you. "Art of Invention - Invention of Art" opened on the 15th at the Museum in Virginia.
  • Animal Rights Artist Angela Singer - Being an animal rights activist seems to give the artist the right to use dead animals, in the same way that a black man can make black jokes. If Damien Hirst did this work we would just think that the old British artist is just being sick again. But because there's a message behind Angela Singer's work, I feel fine about it.
  • Woman Charged for Kissing a Twombly Painting - A woman has been charged in France for kissing a Cy Twombly painting worth more than 2 million dollars. Sam Rindy was overcome with passion in front of the work and just couldn't help herself.
  • Ballpoint Pen Art - It's good to see the humble ballpoint pen getting some love from artists. You see it used for doodles, but finished works on canvas don't often list "ball point pens" as a medium.
  • Running an Art Gallery - Last year I made a post about starting an art gallery, where I mentioned that I have a lot of respect for gallery owners and the hard work that they do. Here's part of what I said..
  • Damien Hirst Interview - Damien Hirst is currently exhibiting at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills and London. Superstition is a more contemplative, inward looking Hirst than usual. He is looking to poetry and religion for inspiration rather than the usual death, medicine, and shock that has made the artist who he is.
  • Gagosian Gallery Profiting from the Internet - Artists have been taking advantage of the internet to sell work for a few years now. Painters can now make enough money on eBay to pay the bills. There's also a group of artists that have created quite a buzz with the use of blogs to sell their paintings.
  • Monet on Paper - The Royal Academy of Arts in London will be showing an exhibition of Claude Monet from the 17th of March through to the 10th of June. They will be showing his pastels and drawings on paper, and possibly contradicting some of the myths of Monet.
  • Portraits of London - Alexander Selivanov - The Russian born artist Alexander Selivanov will be exhibiting at the Rainbird art gallery in London from the 1st of February. The exhibition is called "Portraits of London" and is also showing works by Sophie Ahmad and Tom Young.
  • Art Basel Miami Beach - The American version of Art Basel in Switzerland is happening at Miami Beach, Florida from the 7th through to the 10th of December. There's a lineup of 200 art galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia showing works by more than 1500 artists from the 20th and 21st century.
  • Lucien Freud Number One in Britain - The Great Art Fair in London has done a poll to find out the favorite artist of artists at the event. Lucien Freud has topped the list, with Leonardo nowhere to be seen in the top ten.
  • Tree Drawings - You may have heard of elephants or monkeys drawing, but what about trees drawing? The British artist Tim Knowles attaches pens to the tree and lets the wind do the rest of the work. They produce some interesting results too.
  • Free Art Nudes if you Pose Nude - The artist "Johnny Naked" has a project where you can take home a piece of art for free if you agree to pose nude for him.
  • Fernando Botero's Abu Ghraib Paintings - The painter of fat women has turned his focus to a more challenging subject recently. Fernando Botero is currently showing a series of works depicting the Abu Ghraib crimes at the Marlborough New York gallery.
  • Jeff Koons Egg - Jeff Koons will be showing twenty new sculptures and sixteen paintings at the Gagosian gallery in London. The new works are meant to celebrate things like birthdays and holidays.
  • The New Les Demoiselles d'Avignon - The American photographer Luis Gispert has reinterpreted Pablo Picasso's ground breaking work, the Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.
  • Hillary Clinton for President? - No, buygazette hasn't become a political news blog. Daniel Edwards has created a sculpture called "The Presidential Bust of Hillary Rodham Clinton: The First Woman President of the United States of America".
  • Starting an Art Gallery - Over at they have attempted to outline what it takes to start an art gallery and why you should start an art gallery.
  • YBA to Middle Aged Businessman - At the Gagosian Gallery in London there is an exhibition by the once "Young British Artist", now middle-aged art mogul, Damien Hirst. He is showing a variety of works from different periods of his career.
  • Art Basel 37 - Art 37 Basel is well under way, and attracting plenty of media attention. It runs from the 14th through to the 18th of June and features 300 leading art galleries from all around the world, exhibiting 2000 artists, and will be visited by more than 55000 people.
  • Mona Lisa - Technology Smiling - In an exhibition in Beijing there's a version of Leonardo's Mona Lisa done with computer panels and part from computers, titled "Technology Smiling".
  • Britney Spears Naked Sculpture - A nude sculpture of the pop star Britney Spears clutching a dead bear rug has been creating a bit of a stir recently. The work by Daniel Edwards, titled "Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston" shows Spears naked, pregnant, and sensually bent over on her knees.
  • Antoni Tapies at Waddington Galleries - The Spanish artist Antoni Tàpies has an exhibition on at the Waddington Galleries in London until the 22nd of April.
  • Damien Hirst's New Shark - The British artist Damien Hirst plans to tread water and earn up to £24 million doing it. His iconic work of a dead shark floating in formaldehyde, "The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Someone Living" completed in 1991 has been one of the works to be repeated.
  • Nineteen Penises Exhibition - The Visual AIDS gallery in New York is having an exhibition of Nineteen Penises. (they're online too, so if you follow the link you can see them).
  • The Triumph of Painting - Saatchi Collection - "The Triumph of Painting" exhibition from the Saatchi Gallery is opening another chapter of its six part showing, at the Leeds City Art Gallery (running from the 25th of January through to the 12th of March).
  • Crazy Paris Art Work - An exhibition in Paris at the Bibliotheque Nationale has caused a bit of a stir, with the work on an insane man's ramblings that were carved into his floorboards.
  • Naked Disabled Woman Sculpture - A 12 foot/3.6 meter tall marble sculpture of a disabled pregnant woman is challenging people's ideas of beauty and what public art is in Britain. The sculpture will be on display in the popular Trafalgar Square for the next 18 months.
  • "Modern Art Movement" exhibition in Iran - A very impressive collection of modern paintings have gone exhibition at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in Iran. "Modern Art Movement" has major works from many of the most important artists of the 20th century. Works by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse and many others are on display.
  • Rubbish Art Given Away - Tomoko Takahashi - An installation of 7,600 pieces of junk has been given away at the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens, UK. Japanese born artist Tomoko Takahashi spent three days installing the work, titled "My Playstation".
  • Art for the Blind - How does one create art for the blind and partially sighted? The exhibition (Sense and Sensuality) brings together a collection of both sighted and non-sighted artists (is their such a term as non-sighted?) to show works that appeal to all five senses.
  • Christo in New York Park - Christo sure does know how to attract attention and draw a crowd. His latest project in Manhattan's Central Park is creating a media frenzy, which can only be good for art, and thousands of people are going to NY just to see the work.
  • Sick and Pointless? - Two goldfish in a bowl with a menacing looking knife sitting in it has come under attack by animal rights groups.
  • Saatchi's Triumph of Painting - Contemporary British art collector and gallery owner Charles Saatchi has cleared out his dead sharks, cow heads in glass, dirty beds, and anything of a conceptual nature, to replace them with good old fashioned paintings on canvas, hanging on walls, and sometimes with frames on them.
  • Fernando's Fat Women - Colombian artist Fernando Botero is holding one of his largest exhibitions ever in Singapore with more than 70 paintings and drawings and 36 sculptures on display.
  • Hitler Pop Controversy - German born American artist Walter Gaudnek has managed to upset people by holding an exhibition of Adolf Hitler, showing him in a more casual and positive way.
  • Hanging boy sculpture - Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan is causing quite a stir at the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Seville, southern Spain with his sculpture of a hanging boy.
  • This is Bananas - Some artists just love attention and an 8ft high pile of bananas is one method of achieving it.
  • Sharks and beds take a rest as Saatchi turns to paintings - In a shocking lapse of form, the art collector Charles Saatchi is to demonstrate some good taste. The first exhibition of next year in London's Saatchi Gallery will turn to the old-fashioned practice of colour being applied to a flat surface.
  • 4 year old art prodigy? - A four-year-old girl is wowing the New York art world with paintings that are drawing comparisons with Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky. Marla Olmstead, from Binghamton, in New York state, has been painting since just before she was two years old.
  • Discount for buying art nude.. - A gallery owner has created a stir by encouraging visitors to an exhibition of nudes to strip off to help them to feel closer to the art, he said today.
  • New York: the new British invasion - This month two more British antique dealers are opening galleries in Manhattan. Carlton Hobbs and Berwald Oriental Art are inaugurating premises in the Upper East Side. Their arrival brings the number of British dealers with New York outposts to 12.
  • Paris means business - The Biennale des Antiquaires is indisputably the art market's grandest fair. Maastricht may pull in more big spenders and major dealers from around the world, but, for good old-fashioned glamour and glitz, Paris is without serious rival.
  • How auto-destructive art work got destroyed too soon - When is a bag of rubbish not a bag of rubbish? When it's an integral piece of a high-profile exhibition at one of London's most famous galleries.

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  • The Mona Lisa Smile - It's the most famous painting in the world and a must-see for anyone visiting Paris. But most people fight through the crowds to spend a mere 15 seconds in front of it - just long enough to grab a snapshot. So why do they bother?


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