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  • Nicole Kidman & David Beckham Renaissance Pics - For those that haven't used Adobe Photoshop before, there's some great examples of what it can do over at They are always having all kinds of competitions, but I really like their art related contests.
  • Red Bull Art of Can Competition - Here's an art competition for those hard working artists that use Red Bull to keep them going in the studio; it's the Red Bull Art of Can competition. It's not for everyone, but for the artists that drink their product (I have personally never tasted it) and those that don't mind mixing with the corporate world, it could be good.
  • Turner Prize Winners - What's it like to Win? - The Guardian has asked the winners of the Turner prize what it's like to win one of the most famous art competitions in the world. From Malcolm Morley in 1984 through to Tomma Abts in 2006, the artists have shared a little of their experiences with winning.
  • Environmental Art - Twelve year old Charlie Sullivan of the United Kingdom won the 16th International Children's' Painting Competition on the Environment. The theme for the year was "Melting Ice-A Hot Topic?"
  • William Dobell Drawing Prize 2007 - In Sydney at the Art Gallery of NSW, the winner of the Dobell Prize for drawing has been announced. Ana Pollak's "Mullet Creek" has taken first place, giving the artist $20,000.
  • MTV Art Battles - Art Battles is a live-art competition where artists create work side- by-side in front of a live audience. For six years Art Battles have been a platform for talented artists to showcase their skills in and around NYC in a most unique setting and under tremendous pressure to perform.
  • Archibald Packing Room Prize Winner - Australia's most talked about art prize will soon (March 2) announce the winner for 2007. They have already announced what is called the "Packing Room Prize", which is where the gallery staff that install the exhibition get to vote for a winner.
  • Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year - Coxsoft reports that the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition was splashed with oil on the weekend. (there's a photo of the vandalized photographs at his blog).
  • Tomma Abts Wins the Turner Prize for 2006 - The Turner prize has been won by a painter this year, and if that wasn't shocking enough, it was won by a woman artist!
  • Saatchi's Online Gallery Top Ten Artists - It looks like a lot of artists have created their own pages at the Saatchi Gallery website (more than 15,000), so along with the Guardian in the United Kingdom, ten of those artists have been selected to exhibit at the Guardian Newsroom.
  • 2006 Turner Prize Exhibition - An exhibition of the Turner Prize finalists for 2006 will be showing at the Tate gallery in Britain from the 3rd of October to the 14th of January.
  • BP Portrait Award Winner - I know the winner was announced at the end of June, but here's a post about the BP Portrait Award for 2006. The paintings will be exhibited until September 17 at The National Portrait Gallery in London.
  • Photoshop Renaissance at - There's another interesting Photoshop competition over at I love popping by to see their art related challenges that they set for digital artists.
  • Monsters in Famous Paintings - Over at the Worth1000 website there was a Photoshop competition where artists were asked to imagine that the renaissance period in art also had monsters and aliens around.
  • Turner Prize 2006 Shortlisted Artists - The usually controversial Turner Prize has announced the four shortlisted artists for 2006. The Tate Britain announced that Tomma Abts, Phil Collins, Mark Titchner and Rebecca Warren are in the running to win the £25,000 for first place or £5,000 each for the runners up.
  • Google Doodles Competition - Google in the United Kingdom is holding a competition for British school kids to have their art featured on the Google UK homepage for a day. Kids between 4 and 18 are asked to create a logo that represents what it means to be British. They will also get to travel to Google offices in California to help Dennis Hwang design a logo for the Google homepage.
  • Photoshop Art Fakes - Over at there's a competition to make famous works of art look fake. The idea is to use Photoshop to manipulate paintings from any period by changing or adding details to the work.
  • Archibald Prize Winner 2006 - The winner of the Archibald Prize for 2006 was announced today at the Art Gallery of NSW, Australia. Marcus Wills has won it with his unusual "The Paul Juraszek monolith (after Marcus Gheeraerts)" painting.
  • Signature of Sydney Art Competition - The Signature of Sydney art competition has a prize pool of $180,000 which should attract a few entries. According to the organizers they are "looking for artists who can capture the ubiquitous Sydney spirit, its vibrant business pulse, its lifestyle, its passion."
  • Country Energy Art Prize - Country and coastal artists in New South Wales, Australia are asked to submit their works to the annual Country Energy landscape painting contest.
  • Anti-Semitic Cartoon Contest - After the insanity of the Muslim Cartoon controversy, there's now a new and improved way for angry young men to express themselves. A graphic artist from Dimona Comix in Israel has come up with the Anti-Semitic Cartoon contest by Jews, to make fun of Jews.
  • Turner Prize 2005 - A shed, humming bird, and nice bums are some of the works on the Turner Prize shortlist for 2005. The sometimes controversial Turner Prize is one of the most prestigious art awards in the UK.
  • Turner Prize Shortlist - Four artists have been shortlisted for the Turner Prize at the Tate in Britain. The prize that has made itself famous or infamous for shock and controversy has thrown in another surprise : Traditional still life oil painting!
  • Archibald Prize Winner 2005 - John Olsen has won the Archibald Prize for portraiture in Sydney, Australia this year. The artist had criticized the Archibald previously, calling it a chook raffle.
  • Beck's Futures 2005 - Art critic Jonathan Jones of the Guardian newspaper idiocy of Beck's Futures art prize in the United Kingdom. The Beck's Futures and the Turner prize seem to have worked out how to get publicity, which is fine for art in the short term.
  • The Archibald Prize - Entries close today for the Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney Australia. Artists have been marching in all this week with their chook raffle entries under their arm, hoping that the art gods will shine down on them with a $35,000 first prize and plenty of media attention.

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