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  • Orhan Pamuk Assassination Plot Foiled - Most of the posts on BgArt News Blog that mention the country of Turkey seem to be about artists suffering for their art. Like the Turkish author Elif Shafak insulting Turkish identity or the British born artist Michael Dickinson fighting for his freedom.
  • OJ Simpson Book Burning - The media mogul Rupert Murdoch has had a moment of clarity and decided not to go ahead with publishing the OJ "If I Did it" book nor airing a television interview with OJ Simpson. The famous (infamous?) former football player and actor was set to profit from the murder of his wife and her friend, with the publication of the book "If I Did it".
  • Doodles of Presidents - The image to the left is a presidential doodle by Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893). If you see doodles as a peek into the mind of the doodler, surely President Harrison had some strange things going on inside his head.
  • Turkish Author Elif Shafak's Charges Dropped - The popular Turkish novelist Elif Shafak has had charges of "insulting Turkish identity" dropped. It was decided that the evidence was lacking and the prosecutor dropped the charges.
  • Elif Shafak on Trial in Turkey - The Turkish novelist Elif Shafak will face charges of "insulting the Turkish identity" this week in Istanbul. Just a week ago the British artist Michael Dickinson was charged with "insulting the dignity of the Prime Minister", so it's probably not a good time to be saying or doing anything too radical in the country at the moment.
  • eBay Art Fraud - eBay may be a great tool for contemporary painters to sell their work online as the paintings usually only sell for hundreds or perhaps a few thousand at most. So investors can afford to take a risk on the work.
  • Da Vinci Code Trial Over - A British High Court judge has ruled against the copyright infringement claims by the authors of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" against the Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown.
  • Shakespeare Book to be Auctioned - A very rare William Shakespeare folio of plays will be auctioned off by Sotheby's in July. It is expected to make more than $6 million or £3.5 pounds.
  • The Yellow House - Van Gogh and Gauguin - A new book has been released about the yellow house and the time that two crazy masters spent together painting, fighting, and cutting ears off. Martin Gayford's "The Yellow House" discusses the time that Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin spent 9 weeks together in Arles, France.
  • Da Vinci Code Court Case - The author of the super-popular best-selling book the Da Vinci Code is in court today. Dan Brown's book publisher (Random House) is being sued for copyright breaches.
  • Magritte Book Art - Here's an interesting online exhibition of book covers that have been influenced by the famous Belgian surrealist artist Magritte. René Magritte didn't design them, they are just very influenced by the artist. It's an example of how much reach one artist can have.
  • Post Secret Book - After the success of the Post Secret website, they have published a book of postcard secrets. It's the only website I know of that can make a person laugh, cry, be inspired and disgusted, all in the one viewing. They kind of make me want to go sit in a confessional box for an afternoon!
  • Tracey Emin Autobiography - Strangeland - Tracey Emin released an autobiography last year. She has become famous for sharing too much of herself with the public (used beds, a list of everyone she has ever slept with, and the Cunt Vernacular film), so if her art is anything to go by, it's probably quite a revealing book.
  • De Kooning: An American Master - A new book about the abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning is out.. "De Kooning: An American Master" by Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan.

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  • Muslim Cartoon Controversy - The outrage over the publication of cartoons originally posted in the Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper has escalated into violence and destruction. Embassies in Beirut and Damascus have been torched by protestors.
  • Walter Sickert and Jack the Ripper - Crime novelist Patricia Cornwell has pointed the finger at the German born English painter Walter Sickert, claiming that he is Jack the Ripper. Historians have labeled her claims as "far fetched" and "Circumstantial". Sounds like great marketing to me.


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