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  • Art Auction News - Notable art auction sales, paintings sold, and auction houses news.
  • Art Collecting News - News and information about collecting art, important art collections, and art collectors.
  • Art Exhibition News - Interesting art exhibitions, popular art shows and artist exhibits worldwide.
  • Artist Interviews - Includes fine artist interviews with painters, sculptors, and photographers.
  • Art Marketing News - Posts on the BgArt News Blog that talk about artist marketing, promotion, branding and advertising.
  • Art Museum News - Art blog posts on popular art museums, notable painting acquisitions, museum exhibitions and artist events.
  • Art News Mondays - A weekly look at interesting art news from around the world.
  • Art Prizes News - Posts that have mentions famous art prizes, art awards and arts scholarships.
  • Art Quotes - Famous quotes by artists, celebrities and creative people about the arts.
  • Being an Artist - Issues that professional artists deal with and having a career as an artist.
  • Book Reviews and News - Art book reviews, artist publications, and arts news that have been posted on BgArt News Blog.
  • Cartoon News - Art news about popular cartoons, famous cartoonists, and caricatures.
  • Contemporary Artists News - Reviews, news, and portfolios of contemporary working artists and painters online.
  • Controversy and Scandals News - Includes protests, controversies, and shocking arts news.
  • Digital Art News - Posts about figital art and artists using software like Photoshop and Painter.
  • Environmental Art News - Blog posts about the environment, global warming, and people that use the environment in art.
  • Famous Artists News - News and information about famous artists and celebrity painters, sculptors, photographers and designers.
  • Famous People News - News and information about famous people, celebrities like actors, models, politicians, and more.
  • Funny Arts News - Weird, funny or satirical art news stories.
  • General Arts News - Arts news that does not fit into any other art categories.
  • Illustration News - Reviews and news about illustration exhibitions, issues, and illustrator profiles.
  • International Art News - News about art issues by country.
  • Internet News - News about the Internet and the world wide web, includes website reviews and site news.
  • Movie Reviews and News - Movie reviews, art films and television news that has been posted on BgArt News Blog.
  • Music Reviews and News - See music news, concerts, famous singers and musician posts.
  • Nude Art News - Blog posts that talk about nudity, art nudes, and naked male and female models.
  • Painting News - News and information about painters and paintings by fine artists.
  • Photography News - News and articles on photography, notable photographers, and photo exhibitions.
  • Political News - News and posts that mention politics and art.
  • Printing News - Information on art prints, artist reproductions, and giclee prints.
  • Scams & Stolen Art News - Includes news about stolen paintings, art scammers online, and notable art thefts.
  • Sculpture News - News and articles on sculpture, notable sculptors, and sculpture exhibitions.
  • Travel News - Travel photos and news of happenings while traveling.
  • Videos Online - Videos online that have been posted on sites like You Tube and Google Videos.
  • Weird Art News - Strange, silly, weird or funny news about the arts industry.
  • Wine News - Posts on drink wine, wineries, and vineyards.


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