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  • Needs and Wants For Sale - The internet seems to have spawned a whole movement of entrepreneurial artists that have worked out that an idea and a little viral marketing can get you a lot of attention and maybe even a little money.
  • Happy Holidays! - Happy holidays people! Stop reading blogs for a few days, turn your pc off, and go spend more time with real people.. go on.. (I'll try and do the same!)
  • New BgArt News Blog Logo - I have decided to go with this logo for BgArt News Blog. It's basically Logo 1 from the logo post here, with a few small changes. It's not bright, flashy, or complicated, which is what I was after. I wanted it to sit quietly in the corner and do its job without drawing too much attention to itself.
  • BgArt News Blog Logo Help - An international art magazine that has a very similar name to BgArt News Blog (just take off the word "blog" and join the first two words together) has kindly asked if I could make it clear that I am not linked to their company in any way.
  • The Art Newspaper TV - The Art Newspaper is working hard to take advantage of the internet, with a digital edition and an online TV channel about to launch. It looks like it will be a paid subscription model that will give you access to the videos and a full digital version of their publication.
  • The Artist's Magazine Online - The Artist's Magazine has started publishing an online edition of their publication here. It's free for now, but I can't see that price lasting.
  • Kate Moss Photo Transformation - I found a fun little tool online that converts your face into all kinds of different transformations. I used a photo of Kate Moss to transform as her head is a little more appealing than mine. Some faces work better than others.
  • BgArt News Blog at My Blog Logs - BgArt News Blog has gone Web 2.0 and joined a blog networking site called My Blog Log. I'm not sure why I joined, but a few other blogs were joining, so I thought I would give it a try too.
  • Art Initials Paintings - In the manner of the money series by Anthony White and the One Thousand paintings by Sala, comes the Art Initials series by the artist Mart in Switzerland.
  • Top 10 List of Top Tens - Edward Winkleman has finished off his year of blogging with a top ten list of top ten lists. It's a quirky top ten that has something to interest most people.
  • Edvard Munch Birthday at Google - It's the birthday of the famous Norwegian expressionist painter and printmaker Edvard Munch on the 12th of December. Google is celebrating it with a cool logo in the manner of Munch. It's basically the Scream with a Google logo thrown in, but I quite like it.
  • Saatchi's Online Gallery Top Ten Artists - It looks like a lot of artists have created their own pages at the Saatchi Gallery website (more than 15,000), so along with the Guardian in the United Kingdom, ten of those artists have been selected to exhibit at the Guardian Newsroom.
  • Photoshop Renaissance at - There's another interesting Photoshop competition over at I love popping by to see their art related challenges that they set for digital artists.
  • Art Daily is Back Again - is back online again. It has had a couple pauses in the past, but seems to be back stronger and more determined than ever.
  • Web Hosting Fun! - I've been having web hosting problems the past few days. So BgArt News Blog is currently being hosted on my friend's account while I get a new account set up with a NEW host!
  • Joan Miro Google Logo - The Spanish artist Joan Miro is having a birthday on the 20th of April, so Google is celebrating the occasion with a Miro-esque Google Logo.
  • Google Doodles Competition - Google in the United Kingdom is holding a competition for British school kids to have their art featured on the Google UK homepage for a day. Kids between 4 and 18 are asked to create a logo that represents what it means to be British. They will also get to travel to Google offices in California to help Dennis Hwang design a logo for the Google homepage.
  • BgArt News Blog Questions - I was asked some questions about recently. It was for an art magazine, but their email was sent to my Yahoo mail, which I rarely check. So I'm probably too late to be mentioned in their story, but questions are good to work out why you do what you do. So, here they are..
  • Marketing Art Online - Search Engine Optimization expert Aaron Wall recently published an article discussing how he would go about marketing art online over at his SEO blog. He talks about how he marketed an artist's site when he was first learning the ropes in regards to SEO, and how he would do it now that he has a few more years experience.
  • Putting Your Art Online - Here's an article over at discussing a couple reasons why and how to put your art online.. (I think most artists have already done that, right?)
  • Art Website Design Tips - Carol Pentleton of has a list of 10 things to think about when designing your website (if you're an artist).
  • Art Daily Closed - It looks like has drawn its last breath. It has gone close to closing a couple times before, but this closing seems more serious. It seems the lack of financial support and now failing health has taken too much of a toll on the owners.
  •, Going, going, staying.. - "Economic fatigue" is troubling the great daily art news site ArtDaily again. Art Daily nearly shut up shop twice before due to finances, or lack of them, and thankfully they're going to keep going again.
  • Blogger being Sued - The risks of having a blog can be seen over at, where the blogger Aaron Wall is being sued for comments left on his seobook blog.
  • Forbes Art Blogs - Forbes business magazine has reviewed some of the best blogs of the web for 2005, including some of the best art blogs on the web. And although isnt a "Forbes Favorite" or a "Forbes Best of The Web pick", it did get a mention, and a small review.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Birthday Logo - Google is celebrating the birthday of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The creator of building like the Guggenheim Museum in New York.
  • Vincent van Gogh's Birthday - It is the Dutchman's birthday today and Google is celebrating it with a Van Gogh-ish Google logo on their homepage.
  • and AllPosters merger? - Most art webmasters have probably tried the affiliate program of one or the other of these two companies. Now it looks like and will merge in the not too distant future.
  • Horniman Museum is filtered - Spam and adult filters are censoring the family friendly Horniman Museum in London. I cannot see how such a wholesome establishment like the Horniman Museum would be censored.
  • BgArt News Blog of Note - buygazette is the "Blog of Note" for September27. Big warm welcome to everyone coming here for the first time. Also, thanks to everyone posting comments, they make the news stories so much more interesting.


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