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I never really got social media when I was posting on BgArt News Blog a few years ago. Not long before I quit posting I started a Twitter account and Facebook account for ANB but I never really did anything with them. This time around I’ll make an effort with social media as I’m a little more comfortable with it all and I can kind of see why everyone is using it.


My own personal Facebook account was what first sold me on the whole social media thing. It’s not really a personal account anymore as I have more than 1500 “friends” but that’s what makes it so interesting now. It’s a really good place to share and see new art each day. I have all kinds of weird and wonderful friends that entertain me each day with their posts and pictures. It’s also where I get a lot of general/world news from as I don’t like any of the mainstream media lies paraded as news.

So if you’re arty, weird, a food lover, a conspiracy nut, designer, animal lover,  architect, nature freak, billionaire art collector, a clown or none of the above, send me a facebook friend request. Be warned though, it’s my personal account and I can say or do what I want.

BgArt News Blog on Facebook. If you just want straight art news without all my personal crap, Like the BgArt News Blog page. One of the things that bothers me about Facebook pages is Mark Zuckerberg trying to steal money from me every time I add a new post. Looking at the statistics of the account he usually only lets about 10 percent of the people that have Liked the ANB page see what I post and then wants money for the other 90 percent to see it. Nice one Mark! The only posts that are seen by more people are those that are shared by people. Here’s the ANB on FB page.


I’m still not completely sold on Twitter. As much as I like brevity, I want more than 140 characters to say whatever it is I’m saying! I can imagine Twitter in the year 2030 will have a character limit of 5 and we’ll just type grunts and moans to communicate our thoughts as we’ll be socially conditioned to be retarded! ;-)

Seriously, what am I missing with Twitter? BgArt News Blog is on Twitter here.


I was hoping Google+ would have made more of an impact than it has so far. I thought there was going to be a mass migration from Facebook to Google Plus as Mark Zuckerberg does some really stupid things, but it’s pretty quiet over at G+.

My Dion Archibald account is here. And the very new BgArt News Blog G+ account is here.


I just opened a Pinterest account for BgArt News Blog. It feels all new and weird to me but I kind of get it because its very visual. I also like organizing things into categories, so I have a few ideas for my Pinterest boards.  Do like me or pin me or whatever it is they call it there ;-)

Other Social Media for Artists?

Am I missing any? Are there any arts focused social media sites out there?

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Have you tried LinkedIn? There’s a large community of artists and collectors there.

  2. I did join Linked In Terry but I havent really done anything with it yet.

    A friend just suggested Tumblr too. So many to choose from now!

  3. Frances says:

    Pinterest is my favorite! I love how visual it is. I too do not like twitter, it’s too simplistic.

  4. I’m only new to Pinterest but I have already spent hours browsing images! Liking it very much.


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