Crucified Kids of Erik Ravelo

los intocables by eric ravelo

A friend just showed me the “Untouchables” or “Los Intocables” series of images by the Cuban born Fabrica photographer Erik Ravelo. They’re very powerful images and push a lot of hot buttons. They’re a good summary of what a pathetic species we are. Of course there’s so many more reasons why we suck, but this is a good start..

Here’s a few photographs from the series, with my comments added.

sex tourist in asia

Sex tourists in Asia and child trafficking.

catholic priest pedophilia

This image created a lot of talk online. Pedophile priests summed up in one perfect image. I used to enjoy pulling apart all religions but it’s not very sporting to shoot fish in a barrel.

mc donalds fat kid on crossMcDonalds creating fat kids. I accept capitalism, but let’s not allow psychopathic corporations to do as they wish with our kids. It’s easy to say “blame the parents” and I do blame them too, but lets ban junk food advertising, tax it like cigarettes, and ban junk food drive thrus. Healthy food should be fast and cheap, junk food should be slow and expensive.

war in syria

The soldier has a Syrian flag on his helmet, so this must be about the Syrian invasion by the West sponsored rebels. We in the West don’t bring freedom and democracy, we bring death and plunder. We’re experts at it. I believe our next target is Iran. Bringing freedom and democracy to your country is a nice way of saying we’re going to bomb the shit out of your cities and kill your children.

I could go on ranting and raving about society and the psychopaths that control and manipulate us, but I have a vegetable garden that needs weeding! ;-)

See more photographs from the Untouchables series by Erik Ravelo at his website here. They’re great images.

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  1. I’m Syrian..and I believe you misinterpreted the last picture..the artist meant to deliver the massage to tell the stories about the children of Syria..children who have been killed by air strikes form the chemical weapons of Russia china and Iran..about thousand of children under 15 years old in captivity in regime prisons who have been tortured to death ..raped … and still face undescribable suffering…thats why he used a Syrian soldier with the flag of the regime..

  2. You might want to look into who your enemies really are more closely, I think you’ll find it’s we in the West and the filthy monsters we support. We only support psychopaths in the middle east.. the more disgusting the regime, the more money and weapons are sent to them.

  3. Of course, just going online and scouring the many actual photographs of ISIS in Iraq/Syria and what THEY do to people isn’t exactly an improvement over Assad and the USA (and the USA is actively opposing Assad, too)…

    • The West and our disgusting allies don’t want an improvement over Assad, we want failed states like Iraq and Libya as it keeps the criminal state of Israel happy and the military industrial complex can continue making money from this ridiculous war on terror.
      Who benefits from ISIS? Certainly not muslims.. not Syria.. not Iraq. When we find out who benefits from ISIS we find out who is behind the curtain pulling the ISIS strings.



  1. Kevin Robert – Blog Post #4 | Principles of Visual Aesthetics Spring 15 Blog says:

    […] Even though we are all aware of the unhealthiness of fast food represented here by Ronald McDonald, it somehow can change our pre-conceived notions about this particular subject because we never really see him as the bad guy and tend to blame the parents, but according to the Australian artist Dion “healthy food should be fast and cheap, junk food should be slow and expensive.” […]


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