Edwin Kenjiro Gardiner Interiors

edwin gardiner exhibition

Edwin Kenjiro Gardiner will be showing at The Q Exhibition Space in Queanbeyan, Australia. It’s two separate exhibitions by the artist. ‘Price of Oil’ looks at more environmental and political issues while ‘Presence and Absence’ looks at human spaces and interiors. So the politics may make you mad, but the welcoming interiors will give you a space to think and relax. Lets look at some of Edwin’s interiors..

I just want to share his interior paintings, which may or may not be in the Queanbeyan exhibition. See gallery details at the bottom of the post.

edwin gardiner interiorEdwin Gardiner – Dental Surgery

interior paintingsEdwin Gardiner – Lounge Interior

interior paintingEdwin Gardiner – Home Gallery

kitchen paintingEdwin Gardiner – Kitchen Interior 6

abandoned theatreEdwin Gardiner – Abandoned Theatre

The exhibitions start on the 26th of August and run through to the 6th of September at the Q Exhibition Space at Queanbeyan, near Canberra. See more details at the gallery website here or see more paintings by the artist at his website here.

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