George W. Bush Paintings

president george bush art

After looking at the Paul Bremer paintings yesterday I thought I might have a look at the paintings of George W. Bush today. The Bush paintings were released to the public after a hacker called Guccifer hacked into the president’s email account and then posted the pictures online. The hacker has probably done Bush a favor as his paintings have generally been well received. They show a human side to a man that has killed so many innocent people.

Here’s a few of the George Bush paintings that have been released so far..

george bush painting in the bath

George W. Bush painting – This creepy self portrait in the bath is a pretty good painting. I feel guilty complimenting a sociopath that has ruined the lives of so many people, but this is really well painted.

george bush in the shower

George Bush painting – President Bush naked in the shower is probably creepier than seeing his toes in the bath. I don’t like it as much as the bathtub painting but it’s still pretty good.

george bush dog painting

George W Bush painting – Dog portrait of the 43rd president’s Scottish Terrier named Barney. Barney passed away. His art teacher says that Bush has painted more than 50 dog pictures.

george w bush art

George W. Bush painting – Winding staircase leading up to a house. Interesting kind of picture, I guess.

george bush cat painting

George Bush painting – This is one of the more recent George W Bush paintings released by the hacker Guccifer, hence the watermark. A relaxed looking black and white cat with evil eyes. He seems to be asking Georgie for a beer or something to eat ;-)

So yeah, the George W. Bush paintings are probably slightly better than Paul Bremer‘s paintings. He wins with that toes in the bath painting, it’s a beauty. I’ll have to do a psychopathic political leaders art battle, where we can vote on their paintings and see who the best artist is. Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill were also both painters.

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  1. Wow, who knew George Bush would be such a good artist?

  2. Wow, you’re an ass. Stick to the paintings. No one care what else you think.

    • Too much truth for you? Sorry to upset your deluded little world that has nothing to do with reality.

    • Awww, go easy. Dion has to make the usual ritual denunciations of the Eeeevil Bushitler. Otherwise, he might get in trouble with his social circle.

      • Actually I couldn’t care less who I offend. I’m just as happy criticizing the current retard on the throne as I am with the previous gimp. I have an issue with blood thirsty psychopaths.. I don’t care if they’re on the left or right. Left, right, green, red.. all designed to keep us well and truly screwed. If you can’t see that you’re not asking the right questions.

  3. john taylor says:

    go fuck yourself- bush is a great man


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