Having Thick Skin Always Helps

thinking monkey

I’m not sure if this post is going anywhere, but I was just thinking about how many extra layers of skin I have had to grow over the years to be able to deal with life. As an artist you have to be able to deal with criticism or you should never let anyone see your work, ever. As a business owner you have to be able to deal with rude customers. As a blogger publishing opinions online you have to deal with those who don’t like your opinions. As a person you have to deal with LIFE.

Life is hard if you live it with thin skin. It throws everything at you and expects you to deal with it while smiling. I used to play along and smile while the monkeys threw shit at me but you tire of it after a while. I grew a few layers of skin each year and now at 37 or 38 or whatever age it is that I am now, I can confidently tell monkeys to keep their shit to themselves. I could have become too hardened and started throwing shit back at the monkeys but then I would be no better than the behavior I’m criticizing.

That’s about all I have to say for now, but here’s a picture of a turtle.. just because ;-)

photo of turtle

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