John David Wissler Paints Italy

italian landscape paintings

Everywhere I look lately I seem to come across amazing landscape paintings. The landscapes I love the most are those that can’t be mistaken for anything other than a painting. If it looks like a photograph of a landscape it’s probably better off being a photograph. John David Wissler’s landscape paintings are wonderful little painterly gems. They’re the sort of work I want to have around me at the moment as I need as much calm and beauty as I can find. I can’t afford to buy a Wissler landscape but I have one as my computer desktop at the moment ;-)

Here’s a few paintings from John David Wissler’s exhibition at Lancaster Galleries..

landscape painting italyJohn David Wissler – Opening (Tuscany) oil on paper 7 x 8 inches

italian mountain paintingJohn David Wissler – Shifting oil on paper 5.75 x 10 inches

wissler paintingJohn David Wissler – Mid Morning oil on paper 5.75 x 10 inches

tuscany landscape paintingJohn David Wissler – Procession oil on paper 7 x 11 inches

john david wissler landscapesJohn David Wissler – Resistance oil on paper 7 x 10 inches

Italy by John David Wissler is showing at the Lancaster Galleries in Lancaster, Pennsylvania through to the 27th of September. See more landscape paintings or find exhibition details at the gallery website here. The artist is also on facebook here.

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