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matt sesow on gold coast

I’m just going to pretend that I haven’t stopped posting for a couple of months and continue on like all is normal. Actually it probably is normal for me to disappear for a couple of months ;-) Anyway, I was recently on holidays for a week on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia and saw the DC artist Matt Sesow showing at the 19 Karen gallery at Mermaid Beach! His wife Dana Ellyn and the Italian artist Agostino Iacurci were also showing work.

I was there to see Matt’s work though as I have bought a couple over the years and have really enjoyed living with them. He had about 12 paintings there with many of his trademark characters making an appearance: the fish, the cat, the birds, the flag, the bunny, and all the symbols he uses in his works. There was a North American birds painting there but I like the version I bought a few years ago much more ;-)

Here’s the 2014 North American Birds painting by Matt Sesow at the 19 Karen exhibition (it has been sold).

And here’s the 2009 American Birds painting by Matt Sesow that I own. How much better is the version I own??! ;-)

Another view of the exhibition. I can’t say I’m a fan of Matt’s patriotic works, but that’s mostly because I’m so anti-system and dislike all forms of manipulation by the psychopaths who rule over us. I do love his crazy cats though!! ;-)

A fish, a cat and Miss America.

The work by the other two artists were good too, but like I said, I was there to see Matt Sesow’s work as it was quite a happy coincidence that he would be showing in Australia at a time when I just happened to find myself in the same part of the country. You don’t usually think of art when someone mentions the Gold Coast in Queensland. You think of sun, sand and party people, not art and culture.

All American Boy by Matt Sesow, All American Girl by Dana Ellyn, and Match Mismatch by Agostino Iacurci are showing at the 19 Karen gallery on the Gold Coast in Queensland until the 20th of December. More details can be found at the gallery website here. Find more of Matt Sesow’s work on his website here.

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  1. Matt Sesow says:

    I’m no longer with the gallery in Gold Coast Australia. But I still paint every day (20 years and counting)! :) so please feel free to contact me directly off my website if you see a painting you want or want to commission me to something special for you. Thanks, Matt Sesow


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