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Old Chinese Man Worked for Art Forger Glafira Rosales

new york art forgery

The whole New York art forgery saga where Glafira Rosales supplied forged Modernist paintings to art dealers and made millions continues. Seventy-three year old Pei-Shen Qian has been fingered as the painter of the forgeries. Chinese born Qian’s house in Queens is currently empty as he and his wife have recently returned to China, which was normal for the couple, but the NYTimes suggests it looks more permanent this time. Continue Reading

Art Con Changes Tune – Hanks Thomas Scam

The good thing about those pathetic art scammers has been that their story never changes. They’re moving from place A to place B, they need some of your wonderful art to hang in their new home, and for some strange reason the stupid woman is always pregnant (God help the world if these people do actually breed).Continue Reading

Jeff Carter at Expressmover and Janet Gillian

Just a quick post to try and rank on Google for two active art scammers at the moment. I have been getting emails and new comments on old art scammer posts about “Janet Gillian” and “Jeff Carter” of Expressmover.

Janet Francis has magically morphed into Janet Gillian and is busy trying to scam artists at the moment.

Jeff Carter of Expressmover or Express Mover has been their imaginary delivery man for a while now. Expressmover is a fictional mover invented by a Janet or a Jeff.. who knows. The names are not so important, it’s their method of scamming artists which is most important. Janet Francis turns into Janet Gillian and Expressmover might be Express Packages next week.Continue Reading

There’s more than One Crystal Moll

I don’t know if art scammers have started using real artist names or it’s just a coincidence, but there is a scammer currently using the name Crystal Moll and there is an artist with the name of Crystal Moll. They’re two different people; One is a scammer, the other is an artist.Continue Reading

FBI Top 10 Art Thefts

Art crime is big business with an estimated $6 billion in losses annually! Here’s a list of the FBI’s Top 10 art crimes at the moment..

Iraqi Looted and Stolen Artifacts – The significant Statue of Entemena was recovered in 2006 but there are still many pieces missing.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Theft – Thieves stole as much as $300 million worth of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston in 1990 with paintings by Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Manet being among them.Continue Reading

Nicole Danes is a Scammer

I received a few emails and comments left on the art scammers list about Nicole Danes

She/he must be hitting a lot of artists at the moment. So I’m just publishing this post so that her name and/or email address shows up on Google, letting artists know that she is a scammer.

Here’s an example of an email sent by it..Continue Reading

Update on Janet Francis (Art Scammer)

I love it when artists write to me and thank me for helping them avoid being scammed. Just yesterday I mentioned the art scammer Janet Francis and today I received an email from an artist thanking me for it.

Janet Francis even has her movers contact artists by email to make the whole scam look so much more real. It’s funny that the movers talk like Janet Francis too.Continue Reading

Example of an Art Scammer (cockroach)

Here’s an example of a cockroach at work. This particular cockroach calls herself Janet Francis ( ) See a list of cockroaches here.Continue Reading

S.H. Raza Exhibition of Fakes

Imagine coming towards the end of your career as an artist. You have achieved a lot of success and important galleries around the world regularly put together exhibitions of your life’s work. The galleries invite you around and treat you like royalty so that you will say a few words at the openings. Sounds like a nice way to spend old age after a lot of hard work.Continue Reading

New Type of Scam from Nigeria

Here’s a new type of scam that I came across yesterday. I received an email from what looked like an artist that I listed in an art directory that I look after. I was suspicious immediately, but they did a lot of things right, which could have fooled those that are new to the internet (or much more trusting of people than I am).Continue Reading