Record Christie’s Auction

alexander calder sculpture

The auction lots may not have been surreal but the prices most certainly were. The Christie’s post war and contemporary art evening sale on Tuesday made a record $744.9 million. That’s close to a billion dollars worth of art sold in one night! If you combine the Monday and Tuesday sales there was $879,574,000 worth of art sold. An $80+ million Francis Bacon and an $84+ million Barnett Newman were the two most expensive lots to sell. How does one start a hedge fund? I think I’m in the wrong game ;-) Continue Reading

Auction of Weird at Christie’s London

christie's out of the ordinary auction

Christie’s South Kensington in London will hold an auction of weird and wonderful things on the 5th of September. Out of the Ordinary is a one off auction with lots that include everything from Napoleon death masks and a piece of Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding cake, through to pinball machines and cave bear skeletons. Continue Reading

Tobias Meyer – Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Auction

Here’s an interesting link to a video of Tobias Meyer of Sotheby’s talking about some important works from their upcoming contemporary art auction on Wednesday. He talks about a large triptych by Francis Bacon which is expected to sell for a figure with lots of zeros on the end of it. You can also browse the catalogue online (I think you still have to register to view them, but it’s free).Continue Reading

Damien Hirst Buys Francis Bacon

Damien Hirst sets auction records for sales of his own work, but he has also been setting auction records for the work of other artists. At a Sothebys auction last week Hirst was an anonymous phone bidder on a small Francis Bacon self portrait. The final price for the 1969 painting was $33 million or £15.9 million.Continue Reading

Francis Bacon on YouTube

You would think that an online video sharing site wouldn’t benefit a painter (or any static visual art) much, but I can easily lose an hour or two browsing through the site. Just do a search for your favorite artist on YouTube and there’s a pretty good chance that you will find videos by or about them. A lot of contemporary emerging artists are doing interesting things on YouTube too.Continue Reading

Rubbish of Francis Bacon Sold at Auction

The Francis Bacon rubbish that I mentioned earlier has sold at auction for almost 1 million pounds. The studio waste from the artist was kept for nearly 30 years by an electrician (Mac Robertson) that did some work for Bacon.Continue Reading

Francis Bacon Rubbish to be Auctioned

From the photos that I have seen of Francis Bacon’s studio, I thought he never threw anything away. But an electrician that did some work for the artist in 1978 was lucky enough to rescue some Bacon junk from a skip.

After keeping the Bacon stuff for thirty years, Mac Robertson has decided to sell them. The things that Robertson collected from Bacon are expected to sell for up to five hundred thousand pounds.Continue Reading

Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Auction

Sotheby’s has understood the importance of the internet for marketing and selling art for a while now. Their online catalogues are free to browse (they now require you to be registered, which is free) and they’re just as good or better than the printed catalogues.

A new marketing tool they have discovered is the use of video online. For the promotion of an upcoming contemporary art auction, there’s a video now online of Tobias Meyer (Worldwide Head of Contemporary Art and Principal Auctioneer) discussing some of the important works available.
The video can be seen here (it’s worth waiting for it to download). You can also browse the catalogue from the video page if you have registered.Continue Reading

Francis Bacon Painting from Iran

Reclining Man with Sculpture, a work by Francis Bacon that has been in storage at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran (Iran) for the past 25 years will soon be on its way to Britain. The work will be exhibited at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh, “Francis Bacon: Portraits and Heads”.Continue Reading

Friend who inherited Bacon’s £11m fortune went on 11-year spending spree

Despite a reputation for being difficult, Francis Bacon did – in death at least – live up to his celebrated toast of “Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends“.Continue Reading