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Australian Artist Richard Larter Dies

australian artist larter died

London born Australian artist Richard Larter died on Friday at the age of 85. The highly celebrated artist has works in most major museums throughout the country. His work was pop inspired, pointillist, and even abstract, but he was probably most well known for his female nudes, some of which are graphically erotic. Many of his nudes were inspired by his wife Pat Larter who passed away in 1996. Continue Reading

Japanese Conceptual Artist On Kawara Dies

japanese artist dies at 81

The Japanese artist On Kawara has passed away at the age of 81. He was most well known for his date paintings which recorded the date in the format of whatever country he happened to be in at the time. I thought he painted one every single day but I’m told he did between 63 and 241 date paintings each year since 1966. Earlier this year the conceptual artist’s ‘May 1, 1987′ today series painting sold for a record $4.2 million. Continue Reading

Canadian Painter Robert Genn Dies

canadian artist robert genn

Sad news for lovers of Canadian painter Robert Genn’s twice weekly newsletter. The artist passed away on the 27th of May. Robert mentioned his health issue in an October newsletter last year when he summed up his doctor’s verdict in 5 words: Pancreatic cancer–perhaps a year. I missed that newsletter, so hearing of his passing just now came as a shock. I never met the man in person but after ten years of reading his Painter’s Keys newsletter I’m going to miss him.Continue Reading

Australian Artist Gordon Bennett Dies

australian artist gordon bennett

The Australian artist Gordon Bennett passed away on the 3rd of June. Reports have said the artist died of natural causes. Born in Queensland in 1955, of Aboriginal descent, Bennett tackled issues of race in Australia, indigenous heritage, global events, social issues and identity. His work hangs in most art museums around Australia and a number of important collections around the world. Continue Reading

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott Dies

gwyn hanssen pigott

The Australian potter Gwyn Hanssen Pigott has died in London at the age of 77. She was born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1935.

I saw some reports whinging about her status as a woman and a crafts person holding her back from the heights she could have reached but I say blaaaaah. If you visit galleries in Australia with any regularity you know Gwyn Hanssen Pigott’s work and she’s treated as a contemporary artist more than a crafts person. Name me one male potter more famous than her in Australia..Continue Reading

10 Famous Artists that Died

Dead artists

Since abandoning BgArt News Blog back in 2010 there have been a lot of great artists pass away. The two giants of paint, Lucian Freud and Cy Twombly were the biggest trees to fall. Here’s my little list of ten dead artists.Continue Reading

Andrew Wyeth Dies at 91

American painter Andrew Wyeth passed away on the 16th of January, 2009 at the age of 91. He had his fans and critics, with labels as varied as one of the greatest 20th century American painters, to a mere illustrator, and corny Americana painter placed on the artist.Continue Reading

Australian Surrealist Painter James Gleeson Dies

Last week the Australian surrealist painter James Gleeson passed away at the age of 92. Gleeson has been exhibiting in Australia for more than 70 years.

Whilst surrealism was never my favorite ism, I liked how James Gleeson didn’t feel it necessary to change like fashion. He found a certain way of painting that suited him and explored it all his life.Continue Reading

Albert Herbert 1925–2008

I know this news is a month old, but I just found out (on the artsjournal.com website) that the poetic UK painter Albert Herbert passed away at the age of 82 last month.

Here’s a note from a Guardian report on the painter..
“Albert was a maverick, liked but seldom taken seriously by art establishments. He stopped showing at the Royal Academy when his paintings were contemptuously “skied” (hung high on the wall). Continue Reading

Robert Rauschenberg Dead at 82

The NY Times has just reported that the American artist Robert Rauschenberg has died at the age of 82. Rauschenberg passed away on Monday night in his home. Recently the artist was hospitalized with pneumonia.Continue Reading