Frank Gehry’s Brown Paper Bag

It has been nicknamed the Brown Paper Bag after the governor general Peter Cosgrove called it the most beautiful squashed paper bag he had ever seen at the opening of the building recently. Frank Gehry’s only building to be built in Australia is probably one of his most criticized. I haven’t spoken to anyone who likes the building yet and it really doesn’t do much for me either. As much as I want to like it, I just can’t.Continue Reading

Guggenheim in UAE with no Nudes?

The United Arab Emirates will soon have the largest Guggenheim museum to be built. The New York based Guggenheim Foundation currently has museums in New York, Bilbao, Venice, Berlin, and Las Vegas.
The American architect Frank Gehry will build Guggenheim Abu Dhabi (GAD) which will be located on a Gulf island (Saadiyat) near the United Arab Emirates capital. It is expected to be 30,000 square meters or 322,800 square feet and will be completed within five years.Continue Reading