Really Bad Taxidermy

very bad taxidermy

I remember as a child briefly thinking I should be a taxidermist. I love animals so I thought it would be a great idea to make them for a living. So I wrote a letter (back then we used pen and paper) to a taxidermist and he showed me how it’s done, in great detail, with pictures and instructions. And, ewww, I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. These people below shouldn’t have gone down the taxidermy path either.

very bad taxidermy

Hello sir, can I fill your glass?

bad taxidermy fox

Little red fox with an appointment to see the doctor. His she-fox has had enough baby foxes. He’s obviously concerned about the whole procedure.

terrible taxidermy cat

I can see why the owner of this cat just couldn’t bear to live without him. He’s just gorgeous! ;-)

bad taxidermied moose

Really bad taxidermy.. moose! A very odd moose.

bad taxidermy cheetah

Probably being exhibited in one of the great museums of the world, the scared stiff cheetah. Such a graceful animal.

bad cat taxidermy

The retarded curious cat.

bad cow taxidermy

The mad cow with fluffy ears and a sheepish smile.

taxidermy fox and duckling

Little fox carrying his best mate the duckling, or is that his dinner.

bad bad taxidermist

Terry the taxidermist ran out of glass eyes for cats and decided to use his glass eyes for barn owls. Good thinking Terry.

taxidermy dog

Rover the very special dog can now live on forever.

taxidermy ducklings

On eBay at the moment you can buy 20 taxidermy ducklings from China for $120. I’m just wondering who would need 20 stuffed ducks! They are cute though.

bad taxidermy crocodile

You can also buy these classy stuffed crocodiles riding a chopper on eBay with a starting bid of $98. Bargain.

weird taxidermy squirrel

Last one. The golden eyed squirrel, rat thing, with the mange, standing his ground..

Want more really bad taxidermy? Not revolted enough yet? There’s also or with plenty more scary dead animals.

Ok, one more really bad taxidermy piece.. you might recognize it ;-)

damien hirst dead shark

The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Someone Living by Taxidermist to the rich, Damien Hirst.

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  1. Wow. Just wow. They are just horrible.

  2. The red fox sitting on the chair cracks me up ;-)

  3. I’m scarred for life now.

  4. Hehehehhehhehe!!!!

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