Restricted Areas in Russia by Photographer Danila Tkachenko

russian landscape

Danila Tkachenko’s ‘Restricted Areas’ project is a look at once important areas in Russia which are now deserted. Abandoned government projects, hidden cities, forgotten science, and empty buildings that were a part of a technological push forward. The cold Russian winter and the lens of Tkachenko have teamed up to remember these areas and make them beautiful. White is my favorite color :-)

The Restricted Areas project by Danila Tkachenko is an ongoing work..

russian military photographDanila Tkachenko – Restricted Areas

abandoned scienceDanila Tkachenko – Restricted Areas

abandoned russian buildingsDanila Tkachenko – Restricted Areas

abandoned russian technologyDanila Tkachenko – Restricted Areas

russian winterDanila Tkachenko – Restricted Areas

You can see more works by the artist at his website here. Another interesting project that he has worked on documents hermits and those who have abandoned society to live how they choose to, in the forests of Russia.

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  1. Alejandra de Argos says:

    The picture of the snow covered bomber looks right out of a star wars movie.
    I would like to get your oppinion the work of Fernando Manso, a Spanish artist that uses a similar technique.
    The article is in spanish, but the images speak for themselves

  2. Matt Anzak says:

    Hello, I would like to bring your attention to our international show at LuminArte Gallery, titled ” The 3rd Annual Juried International Exhibition of Contemporary Islamic Art at LuminArte Gallery” with the opening on Nov 1. I will be happy to send you PR and images of the show.
    Thank you,
    Matt Anzak
    Art Director
    LuminArte Gallery


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