Wearable Sculpture Because Clothes are so Yesterday

wearable sculpture

Tired of looking like all the other sheep in boring old textile clothes? You might be interested in wearable wooden sculpture! American artist Tracy Featherstone’s wooden creations may not win any awards for comfort, in fact some are more like walking prisons than clothes, but you’ll definitely be noticed walking down the street in them. They’re the craziest, coolest things I have seen in a long while, I love them! ;-)

Wood is such a neglected material in the fashion industry.

Tracy Featherstone – “Wearable Structure: Nodules”, wood, elastic, @ 6”x6”x4” each, 2010

Tracy Featherstone – “Wearable Structure: Yellow Pod”, wood and fabric, 4’x6’x4’, 2010

Tracy Featherstone – “Wearable Structure: Side Bump”, wood, 3’x2’x16”, 2010

Tracy Featherstone – “Wearable Structure: Head Organized”, wood and fabric, 2’x3’x16”, 2010

Tracy Featherstone – “Wearable Structure: Tudor Collar”, wood, collage, 32”x26”x32”, 2011

They’re so bizarre it’s hard to categorize them. Is it fashion? Outdoor sculpture? Woodwork gone wrong? Craft? Performance art? Who knows, but they’re interesting and they made me smile which was a welcome relief after spending the evening in the hospital with a family member! See more of the fascinating work of Tracy Featherstone at her website here.

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